Providing Flexible & Reliable

Maximo as a Service

✔ One Production Dedicated Maximo

✔ One Non-Production Maximo

✔ 99.99% Availability for Production

✔ Licensing Included

✔ Option to Bring Your Own Licenses (BYOL)

✔ 24x7 Emergency Support

✔ Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3 Support

✔ Data always belongs to Client

✔ Industry Expertise

✔ Proactive Security / Privacy

✔ ISO 27001:2013 Certified

✔ License Compliance Monitoring

✔ Backups & Disaster Recovery Services

✔ Secure 3rd Party Reporting Access

✔ Continuously Upgraded Solution

✔ Peace of Mind!

Our Cloud is Lighting Fast...

The difference between a cloud and a vapor is the ability of a cloud to produce lightning. Our expertise in the ENTIRE stack of Maximo, from core technologies all the way through implementation best practices, user support, and decades of project expertise brings our customers a proven ability to produce lightning in our cloud for their own unique business needs.

-Scott Foran, Solutions Developer, Projetech

Value Drivers for Maximo as a Service

Peace of Mind

Highly available system; 24x7 monitoring; best practice back-up, restore and disaster recovery service; Maximo® as a Service remains available via a URL even if your place of business experiences a disaster

International Security Certification

Projetech is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified provider whose Information Security Management System (ISMS) has received third-party accreditation from the International Standards Organization.

Client Focused

Emergency support from a live resource; established change control procedures including client communication; coordination with clients on timing of Maximo® system maintenance downtime; client approved Maximo® system patches and upgrades

Established Track Record

A large existing Maximo® client base across multiple industries and multiple countries.

Easy Growth Path

Pay-as-you-grow model scales the solution to match load and usage of the Maximo® application with a user subscription-based model

Projetech Automation

Removes variability from complex routine activities e.g., installations, upgrades, license compliance reviews, year-end processing option


Fast highly available systems on continuously upgraded infrastructure.

Turn Key

One stop service for standard Maximo® solution components including software, middleware, database, reporting, support, operating system, infrastructure, system monitoring, integrations, and mobility


Maximo® license entitlements; client can optionally “bring your own license” (BYOL)

Certified Expertise

Services from an experienced solution provider with IBM certified Maximo® experts

Your Competitors Have a Cloud Strategy. Do you?

Over 94% of companies already leverage software-as-a-service somewhere in their organization.

Info-Tech Research Group. May 2016

A Cloud Security Study

Public vs. Private

Cloud Computing

Shared Hardware
Security is Limited
Scaling is Limited
Decreased Performance
Data Stored Anywhere

Specific Tailored System
International Security Certification
Flexible & Scalable
Increased Performance
Data Storage is Country Specific

We are NOT a 'Hosting' Company!

As an IBM Maximo® as a Service (MaaS) provider, oftentimes, I hear or see the term "hosting" being used as a reference to the services Projetech provides. Although, the error may seem benign, it is an extreme misnomer and injustice to what it is we really do!

-Julie Rampello, VP of Business Development, Projetech

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SaaS is not Hosting is not SaaS

Understand the difference...

Our Maximo as a Service covers 7 of the 8 requirements

Simply 'hosting' Maximo only covers 3 of the 8 requirements

We are MUCH more than a 'hosting' company

That is like saying an iPhone is JUST a phone... When in reality it does SO much more

At Projetech, we take care of everything so you can focus on the success of your business

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