IBM Maximo Mobile Solutions

Projetech provides a diverse range of mobile applications tailored to meet every requirement, no matter how complex. Our seamless integration of cloud infrastructure and robust security measures ensures an unparalleled experience for our clients, enabling them to achieve unprecedented success in their business endeavors.
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IBM Maximo Mobile

IBM's flagship mobile solution for Maximo. Supported in the Projetech Cloud.
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Introducing a user-friendly and intuitive mobile application developed by A3J Group, fully supported in the Projetech Cloud. Experience simplicity and ease-of-use like never before.
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Comprehensive mobile solution from InterPro Solutions. Supported in the Projetech Cloud.
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Next generation mobile solution from Sedin. Supported in the Projetech Cloud.
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Enterprise level suite of mobile products from Arora. Supported in the Projetech Cloud.
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Other Solutions

Projetech Cloud supports a range of additional mobile solutions for Maximo, providing even more options for users.
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IBM Maximo Mobile

IBM Maximo Mobile, built on next-generation mobile technology, is a revolutionary, easy-to-deploy platform that provides technicians the right asset operational data at the right time—all in the palm of their hand. A new, intuitive interface provides a reimagined experience that enables any technician to easily drilldown into asset maintenance history. With Maximo’s leading asset management solution at the core, Maximo Mobile is designed to transfer knowledge to any technician with just-in-time upskilling and step by-step guidance powered by IBM’s world-renowned AI and your remote human-based assistant

Infused with machine learning, this intelligent mobile EAM solution gets smarter over time. It can ultimately help your business improve field management, increase productivity and first-time fix rates. When your technicians have access to real-time asset data and all the information they need at their fingertips, you can rest assured that they have the confidence to get the job done.
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Why Maximo Mobile?

Upskill with AI and remote human-based assistant: Extend technicians’ abilities and enhance knowledge with AI assistance, or by collaborating remotely with your experts.
Disconnected Mode: Even when offline, technicians can access data stored in the device, allowing them to perform inspections even in the most remote locations. New data entered will be synchronized when the app reconnects to the server
True mobile native: Improve work efficiency with native capabilities within the platform, including capturing images, scanning barcodes, voice-to-text, and GPS location information.
Digital Twin: Access real-time data from operating assets to enable learning, diagnostics and action.


Everyday, enterprises around the world are using IBM Maximo Asset Management to more efficiently manage their assets and streamline operations. With a suite of mobile apps designed for this platform that integrate seamlessly into your workflow - you can spend less time on data entry so it’s available when needed most; meanwhile speeding up inventory processes with just one click!

Maximo users can use their mobile devices on either Android or iOS, as the apps are available for download in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
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Featured Benefits

Immediate Deployment: Download MxMobile via iOS or Android and use in your Maximo environment today. Enter your Maximo URL, username and password and begin using the app right away. Supported versions: Maximo V7.6.0.8 or greater.
Intelligent Developments: MxMobile sends and receives data in real-time. Instant communication with Maximo allows workers using MxMobile to complete work tasks while following the rules of their Maximo system.. Work completed offline will go into a pending records list and update once you are back online.
100% Configurable: MxMobile is able to be formatted to any of your Maximo needs. The software is updated monthly with enhancements to improve user experience. Please fill out the form below to begin your configuration process.


EZMaxMobile is the mobile Maximo solution people switch to when they’re frustrated with synchronization failures, slow data transfers, lack of flexibility, conflicting business rules and permissions, or the need to update their app whenever they make a change to Maximo. It's the solution that’s never had a failed implementation.

The EZMaxMobile app has all the capabilities you need, so there’s no longer any need for separate apps to do specific tasks like inspections and inventory management.

With over 25 delivered processes, tailorable to your specific needs, your technicians can do their jobs without having to jump from app to app.
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Key Features of EZMaxMobile

Online or Offline: When your technicians are working in an environment without a reliable data connection, EZMaxMobile lets them go offline – with a patented lightning-fast offline mode that's nearly 10 times faster than alternative solutions.
Advanced Mapping: EZMaxMobile offers a choice of mapping capabilities ranging from basic GPS location to interactive, layered ESRI ArcGIS intelligence. You can associate locations data with work orders and automatically store the details in your Maximo system for easy access on site or back at HQ. Your field team will be able visualize jobsite projects through map views that give point-to-point directions.
Photos & Video: Attach photos and videos to work requests, which are automatically uploaded as a Maximo-linked document associated with the underlying asset or inventory item. Technicians can also add notes on top of images for greater clarification
Localized: EZMaxMobile supports your global asset management needs. The app is available in all languages supported by Maximo and easily tailored to local work practices or references, so you can manage any situation confidently anywhere on the planet!
Push Notifications: Alert technicians to new work orders, changes, and emergency updates.
Barcode Scanning & Printing: Gain quick and easy access to records in Maximo for items such as assets, locations or inventory using your mobile-device camera. Use EZMaxMobile app on both portable or fixed printer barcode scanners!
Voice to Text: Imagine the convenience of not having to type an instruction or note into your phone. Simply speak and it will be recorded for you!
Signature: Need a signature on work order, purchase requisition, tool check-out or inventory request? EZMaxMobile has it. Captured signatures can then be stored and displayed in Maximo
Data Where You Need It: EZMaxMobile’s patented sync technology allows you to take your data offline with millions of records.
Guided Actions: A system that guides technicians through a particular process, such as an inspection or repair. The system prompts next actions based upon prior responses to boost productivity and improve first fix rates
Maximo Workflow Support: Unlike other available solutions, EZMaxMobile lets you bring your configured Maximo workflows to the field.
Digital Work Aids: Provide your technicians with everything they need to diagnose and resolve issues in the field.


EAM360 is designed as a role-based and industry-specific app to manage work and Inventory Management activities on the field. The features of the app are carefully selected to address the key processes of Enterprise Asset Management: Preventive maintenance, route based inspections, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, breakdown maintenance, inventory management, and consumption monitoring.
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Key Capabilities

Easy to Use: Easy to use, Intuitive navigation with minimal clicks using familiar native User Interface
Works Offline: Works offline and integrate seamlessly using background synchronization
Scanning Option: Barcode and QR code Scanning option for Asset and Item codes.
Push Notifications: Real-time notifications enables immediate action on core functions of your business
Integration with iOT: Out of the Box Integration with IoT devices & Wearables such as NFC readers, ibeacons
Integration with Maps: Integration with Map for geotagging, Optimal travel route to work locations


Arora ATLAS®* is an enterprise level suite of mobile products designed to simplify and enhance asset management through the seamless convergence of asset data and location services.
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Mobile Products

Arora ATLAS Fix: ATLAS Fix is an on-the-go mobile tool that activates your maintenance operations by connecting work management and location services. LEARN MORE
Arora ATLAS Inspect: ATLAS Inspect is an on-the-go mobile tool that enhances your inspections by enabling location services. LEARN MORE
Arora ATLAS Supply: ATLAS Supply is an on-the-go mobile tool that enables real-time inventory management through mobility and location services. LEARN MORE
Arora ATLAS Request: ATLAS Request is an on-the-go mobile tool that simplifies the work request process through real-time location services and advanced intelligence. LEARN MORE
Arora ATLAS Insights: ATLAS Insights is an on-the-go mobile tool that combines assets, location services, and sensory data to enable better decisions through more complete information.
Arora ATLAS Connect: ATLAS Connect enables real-time facilities management by enabling enterprise systems to share information to break down technology silos and provide more informed decision making. Arora can design and implement the solution to meet the unique needs of your facility, large or small.

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