Maximo for Service Providers

As individuals or organizations that provide services to another party, service providers rely heavily on documentation, software, and data collection to manage assets and services for their customers as a business while maintaining a smooth billing system. Service providers must efficiently deliver resources to multiple customers while tracking asset usage and billing. Keeping track of everything in one platform is what IBM Maximo does best.

IBM Maximo Application Suite empowers service providers to increase profitability by automating notifications, assignments, and billing. Its primary goals are increasing profitability and lowering the total cost of ownership.


IBM Maximo Manage

As an asset lifecycle management system, IBM Maximo Manage allows for efficient and consistent management of asset operations and workflow processes while integrating with existing applications within your company’s everyday work functions.

Maximo Manage bridges the gap between the asset lifecycle and workflow/maintenance activities so that business managers and operational analysts can understand all enterprise assets in one space.

  • Asset management that results in extended lifespans for company equipment, machines, and more
  • Predictive maintenance to support scheduling work orders and service requests based on incident, problem, asset, and location
  • Calculate prices for maintenance activities based on pricing rules within customer agreements
  • Generation of billing transactions based on sales orders, service requests, and work orders and integration with the service provider’s financial system

IBM Maximo Health

Managing critical assets is key when you are a service provider. Your customers are relying not only on performance capabilities but also on your organization’s management of customer asset health and maintenance history.

With IBM Maximo Health, you can improve asset reliability by taking action where it counts. Custom configurations allow you to capture information on all assets and maintain records of work order history, regularly scheduled maintenance, age, and potential future disruptions.

  • Make more informed decisions about customer asset operations based on asset health scoring systems
  • Map assets and meter readings to keep track of asset health in real time
  • Customizable format to allow users to view asset health (i.e., sorting, performance score, actions available, etc.)
  • Condition indicators to maintain cost efficiency of assets and avoid failures and downtime

Other IBM MAS Features for Service Providers

IBM Maximo Assist

  • Help technicians fix issues in field/remote locations to make it easy for them to fix customer assets on the go
  • Search through historical asset data to recommend repair procedures and troubleshooting tools to keep customer assets in top condition
  • Integration with work orders for improved historical tracing functions and AI searching capabilities the next time a similar fix is needed
  • Maintain greater availability and reliability of critical assets with real-time expert guidance availability

Additional IBM MAS Benefits for Service Providers

  • Lowering TCO by leveraging a single system to manage multiple customers
  • Improving service delivery efficiency with automatic notification and automatic assignment
  • Leveraging automation to reduce costs, such as automatically billing customers for recurring fees and asset usage
  • Drive faster revenue with automatic billing cycles to customers for recurring fees associated with their asset use
  • Reduced costs through increased efficiency in service delivery and availability
  • Reduced costs with the capability to manage multiple customers in multiple locations


Projetech's Maximo as a Service addresses service provider asset management regulations:

  • Growing requirement for full transparency of billing.
  • Requirement for service provider to work with governmental bodies, such as telecommunications service providers to work with the FCC (Federal Communication Commission).

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