What is Maximo?

IBM Maximo - Enterprise Asset Management Software

Comprehensive enterprise asset management for asset life-cycle and maintenance management

IBM Maximo® enterprise asset management solutions allow you to gain near real time visibility into asset usage, better govern assets, extend the useful life of capital equipment, improve return on assets and defer new purchases - while unifying processes for wide-ranging enterprising asset management functions across multiple sites.

  • Support enterprise asset management in key industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, nuclear power, oil and gas, service providers, transportation and utilities.
  • Provide visibility and control over critical assets that affect compliance, risk and business performance.
  • Increase the useful life of physical assets with improved business processes for an increased return on assets and enhanced operational efficiency.

Read our blog "7 Reasons You Need Maximo Plus+" for important IBM Maximo® enterprise asset management information. Or, click the below button to request a quote!

Core Maximo Enterprise Asset Management includes six primary functions:

Increase Uptime

Inventory & Workforce Management

Digital & Mobile Transformation

Maximo Capabilities

Integrate IBM Maximo asset software in your company to enjoy several benefits related to efficient control, continuity and flexibility in operational areas. Review the capabilities before creating a plan to implement them in your company. Here are the primary capabilities of the Maximo Application Suite:

These capabilities offer significant benefits for your technicians. AI and remote assistance augments your Maximo asset management system for real-time efficiencies. When your technicians use these capabilities in the field, you can expect reduced repair times, extended asset life and reduced costs for every service call.

Use this streamlined system to manage workplace safety and promote a compliant workplace. Whether in your facility or in the field, Maximo Safety is a management solution to analyze workplace hazards and implement company-wide health and safety measures.

Maximo Integration Framework

Configure your system to integrate the ERP systems and applications you need to manage any company work order. As a multi-cloud framework, this management system solution is highly flexible and adaptable to your business model. Explore the mobility features you can enjoy through IBM Maximo Anywhere and other integrated systems.

Maximo Anywhere Enablement

The innovative Maximo Anywhere is a customizable feature that can be added to your application suite. This system synchronizes mobile operations anytime connection is possible, allowing various data entry and report making activities to occur in remote locations.

Not only is this cloud-based software available wherever you need it, it can also come with an on-demand payment schedule. You may not initially know which applications your employees will use, so you’ll only be charged for the applications used by your employees.

Maximo Anywhere Enablement

As part of the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation framework, it includes a range of mobile apps. Here are some tasks your team can perform using this platform:

Users, such as technicians and management, can access these features for work orders on your premises or in the field using the run-anywhere product of Red Hat OpenShift. Expand your deployment possibilities and equip your team with the resources they need for maintenance and new projects.

Maximo Anywhere Work Manager Mobile Apps

Work manager apps keep your disconnected devices functioning efficiently and synchronizes maintenance schedules. Users can continue to read important information, inspect existing data and enter new data to perform duties in remote areas. Because these features are available through the mobile app, your team can respond to situations flexibly using the optimal hardware.

IBM Maximo General Demonstration

Maximo offers many add-on solutions as well, including: Mobility, Industry Solutions, Service Provider, integrations with financials, HR, ERP, etc.

Projetech offers IBM Maximo via a Software as a Service/Managed Service Provider subscription we call Maximo® as a Service. No need to purchase expensive server and IT infrastructure or software; it's all included with our low cost Maximo as a Service Managed Services solutions. We also provide high tech security practices, Help Desk support and will keep you on current technology all via one annual fee!

Projetech is an IBM Gold Business Partner and an authorized reseller of Maximo solutions. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@projetech.com

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