Maximo for Government

The IBM Maximo Application Suite through AppPoints provides a “government-driven” view of assets and helps address regulatory requirements unique to local government contracting and personal property management.

With applications such as Maximo Safety and add-ons like FedRAMP and HSE, you can remain compliant with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements. Maximo for Government can manage government-furnished property and assets in the hands of contractors in support of the Department of Defense and NASA contracts.


IBM Maximo Safety

Government assets are subject to some of the most secure regulations, meaning all parties must handle them carefully. Maximo Safety uses AI-driven data to help improve workplace safety while maintaining compliance with government policies with a “Think, Inform, Act” mindset.

Designed to establish rules, regulations, and norms to improve detection processes, this allows for developing proactive programs and personalized safety initiatives for government teams and contractors onsite and at home.

Benefits of using MAS and Maximo Safety for federal government assets include:

  • Establish safer working environments with real-time protections to minimize hazards
  • Create, monitor, and enforce business-relevant analytic functions
  • Maintain compliance standards for safety and security across multiple government sectors such as energy, aviation, transportation, and more
  • Government-wide trust and confidence, including contracted government entities
  • Empower proactive health and safety of employees and contractors
  • Minimize business disruptions (key in government-related functions)

MAS Add-On Solutions


The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program(FedRAMP) was created to provide cloud computing security assessment standards (under the Federal Information Security Management Act). Any cloud computing service used by a federal government agency must be FedRAMP-authorized. This was established to provide a cost-effective and risk-based approach to using cloud services and unclassified information by government agencies.

Maas with FedRAMP Infrastructure provides a securely managed SaaS environment and an authorized Iaas-level hosted environment. Benefits of using FedRAMP include:

  • Reduction in duplicative efforts, inconsistencies, and cost inefficiencies
  • Enables federal government to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing with transparency, allowing agencies to leverage security authorizations on a larger scale
  • Establishes a public-private partnership to promote technology innovation and movement towards more secure information technologies
  • Standardizes security requirements for authorization and continued cybersecurity of cloud services and databases


  • Provides a set of applications and processes to improve and increase safety, reliability, environmental, and operational performance incompliance with industry and government regulations
  • Gain an understanding of critical changes that need to be made as well as the risks behind them
  • Simplifies the process of maintaining and implementing permits
  • Provides comprehensive safety plans to mitigate risks for employees and contractors managing assets and performing maintenance and activities related to those assets
  • Determines course of action for incidents, investigations, auditing regulatory compliance, and action tracking

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