Maximo for Facilities Management

Managing physical facility assets and infrastructure within your company’s commercial building, office space, industrial suite, or remote locations can be simplified with MAS for Facilities Management through multiple applications, all located in one space. With multiple locations and dispersed teams, facilities management and maintenance can be monitored and cataloged, providing everyone on-site and remote locations with the same comprehensive access to your company’s physical assets.

Everything from space planning, contract management, financial management, and vendor management to energy management and sustainability of airports, banks, schools, electrical plants, and more requires the organization of all assets. Focusing on more day-to-day facility operations, facility maintenance goes below the oversight level to the repair and upkeep of your company’s physical assets like electrical, HVAC, security, and structural maintenance systems.


IBM Maximo Mobile

Maximo Mobile is designed to improve team productivity in multiple locations, increase work engagement, and optimize communication across the board.

Maximo Mobile users give technicians and remote teams more autonomy over physical assets and infrastructure, eliminating the need for a middleman and allowing operations to occur effectively, efficiently, and according to HSE regulations.

Consider the management and maintenance of company electrical systems, for example. These systems may not be in one place, meaning managing multiple physical locations and assets, critical data, work orders, meter reads, etc. With Maximo Mobile, you can manage your company’s physical assets and facilities while accessing important maintenance information all in one database.

Facility Management and Maintenance with IBM MAS and Maximo Mobile eliminates the uncertainty of managing physical assets in other locations while giving you access to data where and when you need it online and offline. Maximo Mobile provides several key benefits for facility management and maintenance:

  • AI tools for working solutions from remote locations
  • Increased workplace safety with remote camera sensors
  • Mobilization of field workers maintaining remote systems and assets
  • Ability to streamline asset inspections and data in real-time
  • Advanced mapping capabilities ranging from basic GPS location to interactive mapping of physical assets and work locations
  • Ensured accessibility and functionality to deploy data anywhere, allowing enhanced collaboration and simultaneous remote facility management
  • Ability to update work orders, access maintenance records, or inspect critical data remotely

IBM Maximo Manage

Providing a comprehensive understanding of all physical assets helps to bridge the gap between the asset lifecycle and facility management/maintenance. Maximo Manage gives you an overview of all asset types, locations, conditions, maintenance plans, and more, helping to support your company's planning, control, inspection, and compliance efforts regarding facilities.

Maximo Manage can assist in managing asset deployment, monitoring, calibration, cost, and tracking physical assets while making the right parts available at the right time and location with maintenance inventory software and more.

  • Centrally manage planned and unplanned work activity
  • Ensure reliability, performance, and availability of physical assets
  • Manage task dependencies through planning and scheduling
  • Access maps, tools, and documentation available for remote crews, optimizing workforce management
  • Supply chain management allowing for accurate inventory planning
  • Efficient operating environment that is safe for employees and follows appropriate regulations
  • Mobility that allows for effective work from engineers, technicians, and other onsite and field workers

Other IBM MAS Features for Facility Management

Maximo Monitor

  • Remotely monitor physical assets and optimize runtime
  • Data used to detect potential risks, failures, and alerts within devices and assets
  • Customizable and easy-to-read dashboards accessible from all locations
  • Analyze historical trends for data and devices; allows for preventative, reactive, and condition-based maintenance planning

Maximo Visual Inspection

  • Analyze images and video for classification, object, and anomaly detection
  • Ability to move images into datasets from any physical location
  • Image and video object detection for both onsite and remote location physical devices and assets

Maximo Health and Predict

  • Manage preventative maintenance with scheduled inspections, testing, and maintenance tasks to prevent downtime and failure risks
  • Use of data and analytics from historical maintenance records to predict when equipment may fail
  • Optimization of maintenance schedules and resources within multiple facilities by leveraging of performance data

Maximo Assist

  • Helps asset/maintenance managers and manufacturing engineers to maintain greater availability of critical assets
  • Improves field technician productivity
  • AI-powered guidance on repair procedures, troubleshooting tools, and more for technicians to work more efficiently
  • Higher first-time fix rates with reduced errors


Projetech's Maximo as a Service addresses facilities asset management regulations:

  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency): Ensure that assets and their usage and storage meet EPA guidelines
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration): Ensure that assets meet safety and other guidelines
  • Local, State, and Federal Facility Regulations: Ensure that assets meet local jurisdiction health, safety, fire and other codes

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