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Maximo for Facilities Management

Facility managers for airports, banks, and schools face tight deadlines and budgets. Projetech helps facility managers manage assets and conduct preventive maintenance, saving building management costs.


Airports, Banks, Higher Education, Secondary Schools

Tight deadlines. Tight budgets. Tight compliance. All facility managers, whether for airports, banks, or for schools such as secondary education and higher education, face similar issues. Maximo can help by giving facility managers the tools they need to manage all of the organization's primary assets:

  • Manage asset deployment, monitoring, calibration, costing and tracking.
  • Plan inventory to meet maintenance demand, making the right parts available at the right time at the right location.
  • Manage preventive, reactive, and condition-based maintenance.
  • Manage vendor contracts with comprehensive support for purchase, lease, rental, warranty, master, blanket, and user-defined contracts.


Projetech's Maximo as a Service provides significant financial benefits for facilities managers:

  • Reduce building maintenance costs.
  • Reduce downtime costs.
  • Increase revenue through increased rental/usage rates and occupancy rates.


Projetech's Maximo as a Service addresses facilities asset management regulations:

  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency): Ensure that assets and their usage and storage meet EPA guidelines.
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration): Ensure that assets meet safety and other guidelines.
  • Local, State, and Federal Facility Regulations: Ensure that assets meet local jurisdiction health, safety, fire and other codes.

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