What is IBM Maximo Application Suite?

Maximo Application Suite is an integrated suite, enabling easier access to a full set of asset lifecycle applications, with flexibility to start at any point in the asset lifecycle and expand into other areas.
The Maximo Application Suite portfolio of offerings can enable your organization to obtain operational visibility for assets through their lifecycle, which will result in faster ROI and increased productivity.

Maximo's Application Suite is a streamlined, easy to use solution that will help you digitize your business. It features AI infused technology with shared data and workflow for an improved user experience which can accelerate transformation from traditional asset maintenance into full blown artificial intelligence (AI) driven maintenance.

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Maximo Application Suite (MAS)

Includes Maximo asset management and monitoring applications that consists of:

Maximo Manage

Maximo Manage bridges the gap between robust asset lifecycle and maintenance management activities to provide a comprehensive understanding of all enterprise assets. It includes the following capabilities:

  • Work Management: In an asset-intensive organization, the need to centrally manage planned and unplanned work activities is crucial. Mobile workers must accomplish more in their field from reading meters to capturing electronic signatures with bar codes or RFID capabilities for tracking assets as well as reporting on actuals; this helps streamline processes which will ultimately lead them towards increased productivity.
  • Asset Management: The best asset management solution is one that maximizes use of all assets to ensure their availability, reliability and performance. This results in extended lifespans for company property because they are better maintained with preventive maintenance rather than corrective measures taken after problems arise. The last step is predictive maintenance (repairs made because data for a particular asset indicates there's an impending failure).

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Maximo Mobile

Maximo Mobile is designed to improve technician productivity and work engagement. With this offering, technicians can work with the right information at the right time in one single, intuitive application. Maximo Mobile is available in connected and disconnected mode and supports Maximo AI and AR assistance through Maximo Assist. Maximo Mobile helps clients to gain improved results and productivity, with more satisfied and autonomous technicians.

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Maximo Monitor

Maximo Monitor is a solution that empowers operations teams to remotely monitor assets and optimize their runtime, with capabilities like no-code application of analytics and AI based anomaly detection. With this tool in place it's easy for maintenance professionals to learn the root cause of alerts before taking remedial action which saves time as well money from fixing costly errors caused by inefficient work practices.

  • Provides a visualization and anomaly detection of current data
  • Dig deeply into historical trend data
  • Maximo Monitor's low-code/no code interface enables scalable operational insights across departments, facilities and geographies. The customizable dashboard makes it easy to receive information in a clear way that is perfect for any level of expertise.
  • Maximo Monitor's features are designed to help operations and maintenance teams better understand historical trends, while also providing them with tools for intelligent intervention. These configurable rules-based alerts, anomaly detection capabilities as well as the capability of drilling down into root cause allow reliability engineers greater visibility when it comes time that machine has downtime or an issue arises from within their organization

Maximo Visual Inspection

Maximo Visual Inspection provides a way for companies to use AI in their inspections and monitoring. This process has been made easy with the help of subject matter experts who will be able to provide valuable information about what they see, as well as how it should operate under certain conditions or if there are problems already present on site which could affect future production rates.

Deployment Options:

  • As part of the core technology, a batch processing inference capability can be deployed.
  • In addition, licensing for Maximo Visual Inspection Edge is part of the Maximo Application Suite 8.3 release. This enables clients to deploy inference at the edge, through a containerized service. This is designed to support implementation such as existing fixed cameras

Key Features:

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  • Data Ingest
  • ~Drag-and-drop capability for moving images into data sets
  • ~Common file format support for jpg, png, mp4, zip, and so on
  • Data Labeling
  • ~Point-and-click data labeling with bounding box control
  • ~Data augmentation for creating larger data sets
  • ~Auto labeling, to greatly reduce the manual effort and time
  • Model Training
  • ~Image classification
  • ~Object detection
  • ~Image segmentation
  • Inference/Deployment Options
  • ~Batch mode
  • ~Near real time at the edge (Maximo Visual Inspection Edge)
  • ~Near real time with iOS device through the use of the smart camera capability (Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile)

Maximo Health

Maximo Health provides a first step in managing the performance of critical assets. By capturing information from the asset, itself and its age as well as maintenance history organizations can quickly understand which ones are currently in poor health with potentially disruptive consequences for business if left unchecked.

Maximo Health's business solutions and extensible platform provide a variety of analytics options for companies looking to make more informed decisions about their operations.

  • Asset Health Scoring: Maximo Health provides the capability to select a group of assets that are scored similarly, and then use formulas from reusable scoring elements or define new ones by using any object in Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). It calculates these scores based on multiple weighted drivers together - this gives them more value than individual measures could ever provide. The composite health score is mapped into common sets like Good/Fair/Poor
  • Mapping Data: Maximo Health enables users to identify the source of their condition data, whether it be within IBM Maximo Monitor or AT&T Asset Management Operations Center. It also provides a map that links assets and meter readings with sensors points so you can see where everything is at in real time.
  • Asset Health Visualization: Maximo Health's customizable list view allows users to see the health of assets in a company through customized filtering options. The data associated with each asset can be displayed and sorted as columns for easier analysis, or once an item has been selected information such as its performance score is shown along with actions available to reduce risk if necessary.

Maximo Predict

Maximo Predict will help identify and manage asset reliability risks that could affect your plant operations. The solution enables organizations to apply machine learning analytics in order improve maintenance strategies for optimal performance of equipment with minimal downtime.

  • Assess today's performance of critical assets to help plan and prioritize maintenance needs in order for tomorrow’s work activities.
  • In order to optimize asset management, it's important that we know how much maintenance is being done. We can use prescriptive analysis and determine which assets need more or less attention by looking at their condition compared with other properties in your portfolio.
  • Identify the factors that positively and negatively affect asset performance to guide maintenance strategy.

Maximo Predict has the following capabilities:

Maximo Assist

Maximo Assist helps asset managers, maintenance managers and equipment manufacturers to obtain greater availability of critical assets through implementing effective procedures for maintaining their systems.

Maximo Assist offers an AI-powered solution that helps improve field technician productivity. The system provides guidance on appropriate recommendations, repair procedures and troubleshooting tools to enable technicians work more efficiently while interacting with remote experts or peers for assistance by using real time video monitoring technology through AR.

With Maximo Assist, companies can transform their field operations by leveraging the following capabilities:

  • Maximo Mobile's new app can help technicians fix issues in the field. The AR capabilities of this platform were launched with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for any technician to explore their options, find what they need and get connected quickly to a specialist who has all sorts or experience necessary when handling complex repair jobs on-site at your location.
  • AI can be a powerful tool for technicians, as it searches through unstructured and structured data to recommend actions.
  • Real-time availability of expert guidance facilitates higher first time fix rates with reduced errors, helping clients adhere to the safety procedures and related regulatory requirements.

Maximo Safety

Maximo Safety uses data to help improve workplace safety, drive compliance with policies and protect workers from risks. IoT technology combined with advanced analytics are used in the process of enhancing human experience by enabling them automate their efforts "Think, Inform, Act".

Maximo Safety is designed to help a client establish and understand norms so deviations from the norm can be detected, enabling greater use of digital data. This accelerated development will also allow for proactive programs as well personalized safety initiatives in order protect employees on-the-job or at home.

With Maximo Safety, companies can leverage the following capabilities:

  • Maximo Safety offers support for creating, monitoring and enforcing business relevant analytic functions.
  • The analytics dashboard provides a client with robust information about their employees' risk exposure. Site maps can be uploaded to put the location data in perspective, and it also gives an overview of hot spots for hazards as well as what types were detected at those locations - allowing clients access adjust parameters on shields if necessary or define customer actions so they are informed every step along the way.
  • REST APIs are used by Maximo Safety to enable users to know the associations that exist between devices, shields, and actions. By using the APIs, programmers can create new users, generate event data, create and register new shields, and fetch event data

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