IBM Maximo Use Cases

IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) has many use cases across industries. Any business that owns and operates expensive assets can benefit from the reliability of Maximo. However, not every company takes advantage of the solution’s full potential. Projetech can help your company discover additional use cases so you get the most value out of your Maximo EAM platform. Projetech Maximo as a Service (MaaS) can takeover security and patching tasks, enabling your company to use Maximo to grow.

Inventory Management

Maximo allows companies to track, manage, and order inventory. Maintaining the right level of inventory is crucial for ensuring that supply meets demand without exceeding it. Inventory management helps businesses reduce inventory costs and track inventory across warehouse sites.

Inventory Management for Government
Government agencies must prove they have consumed products before they can request more. Maximo allows agencies to keep track of inventory and develop logistics. The U.S. Department of Defense is the largest Maximo user.

Inventory Management for Manufacturing
Manufacturing companies use Maximo to track inventory to ensure that they have enough parts to make sufficient products to meet customer demand.


Maximo helps companies increase operational efficiency by making it easier to keep instruments calibrated. Maximo calibration allows businesses to meet reverse traceability requirements and keep records of calibrations to ensure sensitive equipment is accurate and safe.

Calibration for Aviation
Maximo ensures aviation companies meet Federal Aviation Association (FAA) standards for aircraft component calibration, including traceability to reference standards. 

Calibration for Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals
Maximo assists life sciences and pharmaceutical companies with machine calibrations so medications are produced consistently and samples are tested accurately.

Fleet Management

Maximo helps improve the profitability and performance of fleets of company vehicles. Cars, trucks, and trains can be tracked, and data can be collected and processed to conduct preventative maintenance. 

Fleet Management for Transportation
Transportation companies need to manage complicated devices: buses, trucks, and trains. Maximo can collect data to determine which vehicles are least reliable so assets can be taken out and replaced. The platform can also track which vehicles cost the most to manage and maintain and which drivers are driving appropriately. Projetech worked with Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transport (SMART) to help the transit company customize Maximo for rail.

IT Asset Management

With Maximo, organizations can keep track of their IT asset lifecycles. IT asset management ensures hardware, software, and endpoints are being used and receive upgrades, patches, and replacement when necessary.

Supply Chain Management

Maximo allows companies to streamline their supply chain by tracking inventory, purchasing, sourcing, contracting ,and invoicing. Businesses can track supplies and products at every link in the supply chain.

Supply Chain Management for Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals
Life science and pharmaceutical companies must ensure that their products are safe and consistent. Maximo allows life science and healthcare companies to maintain a chain of custody for medications and specimens.  

Supply Chain Management for Manufacturing
Maximo empowers manufacturers to track the entire supply chain so that parts arrive on time for production and completed products reach the consumer in a timely manner.


Many industries must follow strict compliance standards for safety and security. Maximo makes adhering to these regulations easier by allowing companies to monitor processes and keep records for auditing purposes. 

Compliance for Aviation
Aviation is a heavily regulated industry. Maximo helps aviation companies comply with Part 121 rules and regulations governing the longevity of plane parts. Every time a plane lands, records need to be kept of how long parts have been used in flight. Maximo eliminates the need to keep these records on paper. With Maximo, aviation companies can use AI to predict when parts need to be removed and inspected. 

Compliance for Energy & Utilities
Whether an energy or utility company generates or delivers resources, it needs to manage and maintain geographically dispersed assets. Energy generators produce pollutants and must meet air and water quality compliance standards. Maximo helps monitor meters that measure pollutants. Power plants use a lot of water for cooling, and the water temperature and quality must be monitored to prevent hurting marine life. Sustainable electric generation, such as wind turbines, can experience bird strikes and generate noise. Maximo ensures that noise level restrictions are followed and the turbines are illuminated properly to protect aircraft. Projetech helped US Wind & Solar use Maximo to manage and maintain geographically dispersed sites and assets while maintaining security. 

Compliance for Facilities Management
Facilities managers have contractual obligations to carry out repairs for offices, airports, and schools within a time window. These obligations are not reduced by lack of occupancy during the pandemic. Facilities management includes sanitizing the property. Maximo allows records to be kept of when tasks have been completed to determine that the managers are fulfilling the contract. The platform also ensures that safety equipment is being worn that meets safe workplace standards set by OSHA. 

Compliance for Government
Government operations produce a lot of pollutants, and Maximo helps its agencies keep track of and control pollution. The government also outsources most services and needs to do so while maintaining security. 

Compliance for Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals
Projetech MaaS for GxP ensures that good practices are followed for manufacturing pharmaceuticals and food products. MaaS for GxP provides visibility into food products and tracks contaminants back to the source. 

Compliance for Manufacturing
Manufacturers need to manage quality through compliance audits to prevent defective products from reaching the consumer. Maximo allows manufacturers to continuously manage and monitor the production process to promote consistency. The platform enables manufacturers to trace the cause of a problem in production processes or source materials. Maximo also monitors waste recycling and provides energy use reporting.  

Compliance for Service Providers
Service providers deliver services to all kinds of companies and must adhere to the same industry compliance standards. For example, they may provide baggage handlers for the aviation industry. Maximo helps service providers reduce risks and conduct preventative maintenance tasks. Projetech helped Aleut, a service provider for the government, standardize operations for over a dozen sites. 

Compliance for Transportation
Maximo helps transportation companies meet Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance for air quality standards.

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