Maximo for Manufacturing

In an age where supply and demand run most industries, manufacturing companies are challenged by the need to increase production and speed new products to market. The Maximo Application Suite, powered by AppPoints, for Maximo as a Service enables manufacturers to comply with regulations, manage assets, and increase production while simultaneously decreasing waste.

Lean manufacturing, which focuses on waste removal and value-creating actions, is gaining more traction in the industry. With more interest in lean thinking in the manufacturing world, identifying problem areas and coming up with effective and timely solutions to manufacturing is as simple as choosing Maximo.


Quality management is key in manufacturing, meaning you must maintain consistent and compliant procedures to mitigate risks, prevent failures, and keep defective products from reaching consumers. With Maximo, manufacturers can continuously monitor the entire production process from start to finish to promote consistency, lean manufacturing ideals, and cost efficiency.

Maximo as a Service enables manufacturers to comply with regulations, manage assets, and increase production while decreasing waste. With applications such as Maximo Manage and Maximo Monitor, you can eliminate potential downtime and optimize manufacturing planning and schedules in one central database.

IBM Maximo Manage

Today, manufacturing companies face tight budgets and global competition. As a result, savvy manufacturers have embraced lean manufacturing methods and effective management procedures to address internal issues and compete in the market.

Significant financial and operational benefits of using the Maximo Application Suite and Maximo Manage include:

  • Centrally manage both planned and unplanned work activities to streamline manufacturing processes and increase output
  • Ensure availability, reliability, and performance of manufacturing assets with preventative maintenance strategies, resulting in extended asset lifespans
  • Optimize planning and scheduling to manage departments and tasks more efficiently
  • Understand manufacturing plant assets in an operational context, leveraging health and performance data over time to improve decision-making
  • Reduce carbon footprint and waste in plants with accurate planning and scheduling parameters
  • Create and manage work orders/service requests to handle alerts and PMs

IBM Maximo Monitor

Manufacturing plant and production managers are all too familiar with the time and effort required to manage, maintain, and service manufacturing equipment to ensure consistent and smooth daily operations.

With Maximo Monitor, you get an all-in-one solution that remotely monitors assets and optimizes runtime while pinpointing the root cause of alerts and mitigating errors and downtime.

  • Visualization and anomaly detection of assets, including those in remote locations
  • Availability of historical trend data, helping to plan maintenance according to accurate analytics
  • Access to historical trend data with custom dashboard configurations
  • Use of analytical functions to input data with an output of tables, images, and graphs
  • Root-cause troubleshooting of asset malfunctions and manufacturing plant errors
  • Improvement of maintenance management with 24/7 access to real-time data and automated system processes such as condition-based maintenance and scheduling

Other IBM MAS Features for Manufacturing

Maximo Visual Inspection

  • Methods for companies to use AI in inspections and asset monitoring
  • Provide valuable information on what is seen and how it should operate
  • Automate inspections and reduce human error
  • Analyze images and video for object and anomaly detection to prevent failure before it happens

Maximo Health

  • Improve equipment reliability
  • Review equipment performance and conditions (such as recent maintenance, potential failures, etc.)
  • Configurations for asset health, criticality, and risk
  • Informed decisions about operations and equipment with an understanding of which are in poor condition and may disrupt operations

Maximo Assist

  • Obtain greater availability of critical assets and equipment through procedure optimization
  • AI-powered technology to provide guidance on repair procedures and troubleshooting tools, even in remote or field locations
  • Real-time data availability to produce higher first-time fix rates with reduced errors
  • Cost reduction in both training and repairs


Projetech's Maximo as a Service addresses manufacturing asset management regulations:

  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency): Ensure that assets and their usage and storage meet EPA guidelines.
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration): Ensure that assets meet safety and other guidelines.
  • Local, State, and Federal Facility Regulations: Ensure that assets meet local jurisdiction health, safety, fire and other codes.

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