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About Memorial Hospital & Health Care Center

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center has more than 30 specialties with 250 physicians. It also has advanced practice providers in 33 health care offices across seven counties. Memorial Hospital employs more than 1,800 people and offers medical care to 6,600 inpatients, 250,000 outpatients, and through 29,000 annual emergency department visits.Based in Jasper, Indiana, and sponsored by the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary USA,


Since 2021, Memorial Hospital had been utilizing the "Epic Memorial MyChart" platform to provide patients with secure and simple access to important medical records and better manage their health. The use of Epic resulted in an increase in the volume of calls to the IT Technology Support Center from people requesting assistance with navigation of the application.

For a hospital of this size, it needed a system that efficiently managed its IT concerns and workflow. Memorial Hospital had been using Projetech’s Maximo cloud solution for work orders and preventative maintenance for their engineering departments since 2012, and it was time to look for a solution to improve its asset management and maintenance.

Projetech, a Platinum IBM Business Partner, offers IBM Maximo: the global standard in software for Enterprise Asset Management and maintenance. Since 1999, Projetech has been providing Maximo as a Service (MaaS), which allows clients to manage, maintain and scale their solution requirements while benefiting from flexible services and lower operating costs

The Challenge

To assist the users of Epic Memorial MyChart, Memorial Hospital had set up a support center consisting of one help desk technician and one desktop engineer who answered the technology support line.

The technician and engineer provided end-users with first-call resolution and assistance with the Epic app, and this resulted in longer hold times. The growing number of Epic user concerns contributed to an increase in the volume of calls, consequently adding to the number of abandoned calls overall. The data gathered from 2018 through 2021 revealed that the rate of abandoned calls increased steadily after the implementation of Epic, attributing the additional call volume to Epic-related concerns.

There was a ticketing system in place for IT concerns, but with the increasing number of abandoned and unresolved calls that went through the technology support line, it needed an overhaul. The volume of calls was so high at the time that it would have been impossible for the team to handle them all without increasing their abandoned call rate.

Memorial Hospital needed to be more efficient in taking IT service requests, and the goal was to come up with a system that could help reduce the number of abandoned calls. The hospital needed to take care of two issues: drive abandoned call rates down and achieve first-call resolution – which is what end-users want.

Solution - MaintReq

The improvement plan led to developing an online portal for users to submit IT support tickets and requests through MaintReq for Maximo. This solution, a proprietary application developed by Projetech, allowed users to sign onto a platform and select what type of support they need.

Users could now choose from a selection of categories – IT Technical support, IT Clinical support, IT Finance support, User Access requests, Reporting and Dashboard requests, or Clinical Engineering support. This provided users––mostly hospital staff ––an alternative to calling the IT Technology Support Center, which helped reduce the wait time and the number of abandoned calls.

MaintReq for Maximo allowed for reviewing open and resolved tickets and incorporating two-way email communication into the tickets. With the decision to implement Epic, Memorial Hospital expanded their team to 85 people. Maximo’s MaintReq supplemented their services and incorporated more people into the system, allowing them to enter tickets and collect hard data rather than just the content of a subjective email.

Projetech's MaintReq for Maximo, a solution that provides a simple web interface to enter service requests(SRs), enabled users to self-service and submit SRs without requiring a special Maximo license. It was easier for end-users to input their information using MaintReq and, depending on which category was picked, the SRs were automatically assigned to the corresponding team. Memorial Hospital started with just one main service request screen. Now the organization has eight different types of SRs built out in various applications across other teams and requests.

MaintReq paired perfectly with the existing industry-leading cloud solutions for IBM Maximo from Projetech. This allowed for Memorial Hospital’s IT team to expand the use of their existing Maximo software and their relationship with Projetech. Utilizing Projetech's cloud solution (Maximo as a Service) also provided automatic patching and management, which Memorial Hospital’s IT team did not have thein-house expertise or bandwidth to do.


Memorial Hospital improved its asset management and maintenance, as well as its IT operations, after implementing MaintReq.

MaintReq allowed end-users to ask for help directly from their computer rather than calling the technology support center. This reduced the number of abandoned calls by 13.6% in 2021 and an additional 7.5% in 2022.

The new system also improved the overall operational efficiency of the Technology Support Center. The team can now attend to phone calls while doing other tasks such as building computers. This is of significant benefit to the organization as Memorial Hospital replaces approximately 400 computers a year in the hospital to stay on a four-year cycle. With MaintReq, the desktop team can work on important projects like this while still taking phone calls and addressing the needs of callers, thus improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the organization.
10.44% increase in overall customer satisfaction
Customer Service Survey Feedback, February to May 2022
Reduced number of abandoned calls by 13.6%in 2021 and an additional 7.5% in 2022
Improved overall operational efficiency of the technology support center

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