Our Value Added Tools for Maximo

MaintReq for Maximo as a Service

A solution that provides a simple web interface to enter Service Requests

  • Self-registration
  • No need to maintain Requestor IDs in Maximo
  • No password required
  • No need to log into Maximo or have a Maximo license
  • Surveys tailored to the service request type
  • Broad access across devices with a web browser
  • Mobile friendly
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The native Maximo integration framework toolset provides easy to configure interfaces with Financial, ERP, HR, Mobile Applications, and more. The majority of our Maximo as a Service customers have integrations with their other business applications.

The Maximo Integration Framework:

  • Is an essential component of Maximo service-oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Provides an XML interface for all Maximo business objects.
  • Provides support for bi-directional integration with external applications and middleware products.
  • Supports standard protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS, Web services, JMS, flat files, and database tables.
  • Supports message exchange in a synchronous and asynchronous model.

Projetech's Inventory Roll Forward

Projetech's Map Integration

  • Google Maps Integration
  • Mobile GPS Capabilities
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Projetech's Email Listener

  • Maximo as a Service email account provided
  • Provides send/receive email communication to and from Maximo
  • Increase efficiency through automation

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