Maximo IT in Maximo Application Suite via Projetech's Cloud

Maximo IT provides customers with flexible options for IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Service Management (ITSM).

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Option #1: Current IBM Control Desk (ICD) Customers looking to upgrade to Maximo IT in Maximo Application Suite

Solution to upgrade to Maximo IT within the Maximo Application Suite.

Lift and Shift your existing ICD applications to Projetech's cloud.
Projetech will upgrade ICD to Maximo IT when ready.

Option #2: New Maximo IT Users

Solution for Maximo IT as a complete cloud solution.

Consolidate redundant tools/processes with a single platform across service, asset, and change management.
Focused end user support – Increase system reliability.
Simplify change processes, automate low risk repeatable business users changes and reduce dependency of on L1 resources.
Eliminate substantial internal IT expense by removing IT infrastructure support requirements.

Maximo IT in Maximo Application Suite as a Complete Managed Solution

Includes the following services on a subscription basis:

One Production & Non-Production Instance
99.99% Uptime SLA
Bring Your Own License
Database Flexibility - SQL, Oracle, DB2
Backups & Disaster Recovery Services
Highly Secure Solution
Personailzed Help Desk Support
Projetech Proprietary Value Add Automation Utilities

Other services we can provide with MaaS:

Integrations with third-party applications

Projetech has been a trusted provider of Maximo® as a Service (MaaS) for more than two decades, serving as a strategic partner to its customers. Projetech's commitment to information and cloud security as well as quality is evident in the accreditations granted by the International Standards Organization for ISO 27001, 27017, and 9001 Certifications.

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