Maximo for Transportation

Enterprise asset management is key to improving the productivity of all types of transportation assets, including fleets of cars, trucks, buses, locomotives, rail vehicles, aircraft, vessels, and related linear assets. Given the complexities of the transportation industry, how do organizations meet regulatory requirements, extend asset life, optimize parts management, reduce road calls, and increase planned maintenance?

Maximo for Transportation enables your transportation solution with multiple applications available through the Maximo Application Suite. This industry-specific software provides automated alerts, campaigns, and lifecycle accounting capabilities while adhering to all regulatory requirements and following standard coding structures like those used by trucking companies or railroads. Best practices are built into the solution to help extend asset life, optimize spare parts management, and reduce road calls.


IBM Maximo Manage

With the increased need for transportation of units and goods across multiple industries, transportation has become increasingly important and more complex. Transportation companies are responsible for managing multiple fleets across several locations, meaning they need methods of managing company assets that are convenient, efficient, and easily accessible.

With IBM Maximo Manage, you can comprehensively view all of your transportation assets through multiple working functions within the application.  

  • Asset management to view asset and equipment status as well as track change-out history, imports, serial numbers, and more
  • Make daily work more manageable with work order history, industry codes, RFID capabilities, and meter reads in both on-site and remote locations
  • Ensure availability, reliability, and consistency of transportation assets with better maintenance structures via predictive maintenance
  • Inventory management features including life cycle costing and counting, fuel tank management, and fluid management charts

IBM Maximo Health

From maintenance alerts to repairs and mechanical failure mitigation, keeping your transportation assets in top-notch condition means adopting best practices. With MAS and Maximo Health, these practices are built into the solution to help extend asset life, optimize spare parts management and reduce road calls.

Maximo Health provides the first step in managing critical assets from age to maintenance history.

  • Asset health scoring (good/fair/poor) to categorize assets
  • Map that links assets and meter readings with sensor points so you can see where everything is at in real time
  • Manage and review asset performance indicators, such as last failure date, and act by placing work orders, scheduling routine maintenance, and improving the quality of asset data
  • Variety of analytical operations available to not only maintain transportation fleets and assets but also mitigate disruptive consequences of asset failures

Other IBM MAS Features for Transportation

  • Fleet management software for every transportation problem
  • Enhanced work management capabilities to make daily routines easier with the addition of maintenance alerts, a mechanic's clipboard, and outside repair features
  • Extended features in inventory management for cycle counting and fuel tank readings
  • Support for life-cycle costing, depreciation, motor pool logistics, labor qualifications as well as driver logs which are essential to the transportation industry
  • Fuel/fluid management maintenance along with asset templates that can reduce downtime when equipment is not being used effectively due to lack of maintenance or irregular usage patterns
  • Advanced asset management capabilities for equipment statuses, meter changeout and history, meter import, position codes, serial number changes, and warranty recovery

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