Maximo for Transportation

Fleet managers and maintenance officers for transportation companies need to monitor equipment status and location while following transportation asset management regulations. Maximo as a Service allows organizations to consolidate asset lifecycle management for fleet and facilities.


Trucking & Rail

IBM Maximo for Transportation gives fleet managers and maintenance officers complete asset management capabilities, including data analysis to:

  • Manage transportation assets (fleets of trucks, aircraft, and rail locomotives and cars).
  • Monitor equipment status, meter changer out and history, and serial number changes and warranty recovery.
  • Manage life cycle costing, motor pool, labor qualifications, driver logs, and fuel & fluid management.


Projetech's Maximo as a Service provides significant financial benefits for transportation companies:

  • Lower TCO (total cost of ownership) for IT departments by allowing organizations to consolidate multiple asset management solutions for fleet and facilities management.
  • Reduces integration costs and training costs through SOA (service-oriented architecture) and standards-based J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition).
  • Decreases costs in Fuel and Meter Integration, Labor Certifications, Maintenance Alerts, Meter History, and Warranty Recovery.


Projetech's Maximo as a Service addresses transportation asset management regulations:

  • SAFETEA-LU (Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act - A Legacy for Users): Provides funding for federal transportation programs.
  • FTA (Federal Transit Administration): Issues FTA Circulars, which authorize specific transportation programs.
  • OMB (Office of Management and Budget): Established guidelines in 2007 that federal agencies, life the FTA, must follow when creating new legislation.
  • FAA (Federal Aviation Administration): Governs air transport.

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