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Maximo as a Service
Maximo as a Service (MaaS) goes beyond being a mere cloud solution. It stands as a fully managed offering for IBM Maximo and its related applications, providing comprehensive support and empowering organizations to unlock their full potential.
Top of the line security
Flexible options
Backed by industry experts
Current technology
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Maximo as a Service for Maximo Application Suite
Projetech offers an optimized, secure, stable and scalable Maximo Application Suite (MAS) instance provided as a Maximo as a Service (MaaS) subscription available via the Projetech Cloud.
Projetech will support your current Maximo systems and provide the migration to MAS based on your timeline and your requirements.
Projetech will not force you to migrate to MAS. Extended support is available past the Maximo v7 end of support dates.
When your team is ready, we'll migrate you to MAS Manage and will take care of all the backend technical changes so you can focus on the new MAS capabilities.
This is all included with your Maximo as a Service (MaaS) subscription.
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Maximo as a Service for GxP
MaaS for GxP delivers a GxP qualified Maximo as a Service (MaaS) solution, readily available for client validation. This groundbreaking solution offers numerous advantages, including:
Proprietary automation that removes variability from complex system management activities
Consistency between Maximo environments for client led validation activities
An installation report to aid client’s preparation of Installation Qualification

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Maximo as a Service for Aviation
Experience the power of Maximo® for Aviation with our cloud-based solution, Maximo as a Service (MaaS). Unlock seamless access to industry-leading software that streamlines your operations and takes efficiency to new heights.
Tailored to Aircraft Asset Maintenance & Regulatory Requirements
Specialized Functionality Supporting Highly Complex Assets
Focused on Reliability to Support Safety of Flight
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Maximo as a Service for Any Industry
Maximo industry solutions have been implemented across various industries, serving as Maximo as a Service to meet their unique needs and requirements.
Maximo for Aviation
Maximo for Energy
Maximo for Facilities Management
Maximo for Healthcare
Maximo for Life Sciences
Maximo for Manufacturing
Maximo for Service Providers
Maximo for Transportation
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Maximo as a Service & Mobility
Projetech serves a diverse client base who rely on our cloud platform to manage a wide range of native and third-party mobile applications. Here are just a few examples:
IBM Maximo Mobile
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Maximo as a Service Value Adds
Projetech has crafted a multitude of tools to elevate your Maximo experience, elevating every aspect with excellence and precision.
MaintReq for Maximo as a Service
Maximo integrations
Extended inventory tracking auditing capabilities
Google Maps Integration
Cognos & Business Intelligence Packs
Enhanced Email Listener with dedicated inbox
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Maximo as a Service for FedRAMP
Our solution is certified as ISO 27001:2013 compliant and is hosted in a data center that holds the prestigious FedRAMP® IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) certification.
Securely Managed SaaS Environment
FedRAMP® Certified IaaS
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