Maximo for Healthcare / Life Sciences / Pharmaceuticals

The life sciences and healthcare landscape are constantly changing. Companies must shorten the time to market to gain maximum revenue from proprietary drugs, presenting challenges in how operations are approached. Lean business models with high product quality in mind must comply with local, state, and federal regulations, but how do you continue to remain competitive with so many factors to consider?

Maximo Application Suite can help life sciences and healthcare companies stay relevant in an actively changing market and provide a significant return on investment.


The life sciences, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries carry unique demands for development, compliance, and manufacturing equipment.

The Maximo Application Suite for Maximo as a Service ensures that equipment, records, data sheets, and regulations are all held in one space for efficiency, consistency, and enhanced decision-making.

IBM Maximo Manage

Consider the number of medical devices manufactured each year. A standard and efficient methodology for evaluating these devices from start to finish is needed to deliver them safely and provide better patient care.

With Maximo Manage, operational effectiveness provides manufacturing companies and hospitals/healthcare organizations with the necessary tools to keep track of commercial products and in-house assets. Providing a strong platform for asset management, Maximo gives these organizations access to real-time data with an overview of everything from lab equipment to hospital machinery and more.

  • Work management to streamline production and evaluation processes for increased productivity and output of machines, proprietary drugs, and other healthcare equipment
  • Efficient tracking, monitoring, maintenance, and scheduling for critical assets needed to mitigate risks and downtime
  • Health and safety initiatives to reduce overall risk while promoting compliance with appropriate regulations such as Corrective and Preventative Action and the Food and Drug Administration
  • Manage the condition of industry assets, such as monitors and other medical devices, to support preventative maintenance structures

IBM Maximo Predict

Managing risks that affect operations is critical in the healthcare industry. Organizations must be equipped with the technology to improve maintenance strategies and optimize industry tool performance with minimal downtime.

With Maximo Predict, organizations can ensure that assets are correctly maintained and calibrated through predictive and preventative AI-powered technologies. Calibration of healthcare equipment is critical to prevent downtime. With Predict, your organization will have access to managing asset reliability risks that could affect operations and actively used machines/ healthcare solutions globally.

  • Assess the current performance of critical assets to plan and prioritize maintenance strategies for future production and work activities
  • Determine machines, equipment, and other assets that need more attention by monitoring conditions and comparing them to cost/value over time
  • Access to five templates to assist data scientists in building predictive models for failure probability prediction
  • Integration with Maximo Monitor and Health to create custom configurations for monitoring your organization's healthcare and life science assets

Other IBM MAS Features for Life Sciences/Healthcare

Maximo Monitor

  • Remotely monitor assets and optimize runtime with AI-based failure detection capabilities
  • Cost efficiency by learning the root cause of alerts before taking action
  • Receive information in a way that every level of expertise can understand
  • Allow hospital administrators to keep track of everything related to healthcare machines and other hospital assets: preventative maintenance, software revisions, service repairs, and more

Maximo Safety

  • Improve workplace safety initiatives, relevant to the healthcare and life sciences field to drive compliance with regulated healthcare policies and procedures
  • Establish an understanding of operational “norms” so that all team members can play a role in detecting deviations and report accordingly
  • Site maps designed to put location data at the forefront, giving a high-level overview of hazard hotspots and how to adjust actions being taken to avoid risk exposure
  • IoT platform integrated into multiple devices to collect data and improve protection against potential threats

MaaS for GxP

  • Proprietary automation that removes variability from complex system management activities
  • Consistency between environments for client-led validation activities
  • Established change management processes
  • Secure, compliant, and controlled cloud environment


Projetech's Maximo as a Service addresses life sciences asset management regulations:

  • CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action): Prove that asset corrective action had been completed.
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization): ISO 9001 can mandate the operation and maintenance of critical assets.
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration): FDA 21 CFR Part 11: Requires drug makers to implement controls, such as audits for all systems involved in processing electronic data that are used to demonstrate compliance.

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