Maximo for Energy

IBM® Maximo for Utilities offers a complete solution to help manage work and assets across business units, including gas transmission, distribution power generation water treatment as well as wastewater.


Energy and utilities companies need to adopt the power of AI-driven solutions, powered by data insights that will help them deliver a better customer experience. IBM® offers two key solutions for energy and utilities: IBM Maximo® Utilities for enterprise asset management (EAM) and IBM Maximo® Health and Predict – Utilities for asset performance management (APM).

IBM Maximo Utilities

With IBM Maximo Utilities, part of the Application Suite that provides a comprehensive EAM solution for electric and gas utility industries. With it you can centrally manage all assets needed to operate your company - like service trucks or power lines-efficiently in one place with just one database!

Maximo Utilities offers a variety of benefits for businesses, including optimizing the quality and usage of your assets throughout their lifecycle. You can also drive efficiency by staying incompliance with regulations while reducing operating costs all through this process. This enables you to:

  • Support all types of assets with embedded process and data models in water, gas or electric utilities.
  • Stay on top of the ever-changing business and regulatory requirements with a configurable solution.
  • Planning, scheduling or dispatching based on the scope of work available.

IBM Maximo Health and Predict

The IBM Maximo Health and Predict -Utilities, part of the Application Suite from IBM is a powerful tool for utility companies. With its AI capabilities you can make smarter decisions through optimized maintenance actions based on predicted risks to keep your assets running smoothly without worry or delay.

Maximo Health and Predict's utilities will help you minimize unplanned repairs, increase asset availability for the equipment in question while also reducing risk of failure. Additionally, you can:

  • Utilize prebuilt data models for important assets
  • Determine risk exposure for the lifecycle of assets
  • Visualize asset health from aggregated historical and current data

Alternative, Oil & Gas, Nuclear

Energy companies, whether in traditional oil and gas operations, in nuclear, or in alternative forms, such as wind and solar, all face common problems. Each seeks to provide energy profitably and reliably. But unplanned shutdowns, safety issues, and ever-increasing regulations conspire against them. Maximo leverages automation to address assets management concerns by:

  • Monitoring the status of all energy assets to improve safety, reliability, and compliance.
  • Leveraging a comprehensive asset management system to manage the assets, from spare parts to complete energy production facilities


Projetech's Maximo as a Service provides significant financial benefits for energy providers:

  • Reduce asset lifecycle management costs
  • Reduce regulation compliance costs
  • Address specific requirements of energy providers cost-effectively. For example, functionally within oil and gas operations includes failure codes, asset specification, location details, prioritization matrix, and condition of work.


Projetech's Maximo as a Service addresses energy asset management regulations:

  • FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission): Energy-related statutes, rules, regulations, and tariffs.
  • NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission): Health, safety, and other regulations involving assets management.
  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency): Ensure that assets and their usage and storage meet EPA guidelines.

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