Maximo for Energy

With the increase of AI-driven solutions comes the challenge of migrating data and assets to improve workflow, processing of organizational assets, and the overall customer experience. Finding affordable, reliable, and sustainable asset management solutions for energy and utilities can greatly benefit your company's profitability and efficiency.

The IBM Maximo Application Suite through AppPoints offers several key solutions for energy and utilities, including IBM Maximo® Utilities for enterprise asset management(EAM) and IBM Maximo® Health and Predict—Utilities for asset performance management (APM).


As part of the Maximo Application Suite, which provides a comprehensive look at electric and gas utility industries, IBM Maximo Utilities, Maximo Health, and Predict give you a central hub for managing company assets with just one database, even if your company has dispersed teams and assets in multiple locations.

IBM Maximo Utilities

Maximo Utilities instantly benefits your business, providing optimal asset management throughout each asset’s lifecycle, regulatory compliance where required, and decreased operational costs. This gives you more space to focus on your business's logistical and operational side.

Energy and Utilities with IBM MAS and Maximo Utilities eliminates the uncertainty of managing assets and implements best practices for predictive and preventative maintenance with several key benefits:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Computer vision and safety
  • Safe, uninterrupted service
  • One central asset database
  • Mobility tools for dispersed teams
  • Integrated workflows with regulatory compliance
  • Increased asset availability
  • Custom configuration

With Maximo Utilities, you have an effective and comprehensive asset management solution where you can complete work, create work orders, schedule maintenance automatically, and manage maintenance strategies, all in one place.

IBM Maximo Health and Predict

Energy and utility companies rely heavily on performance management tools to analyze data, monitor systems, and improve reliability. With Maximo Health and Predict, operators and managers can identify problem areas and improve maintenance plans, giving you a strategy of predict, schedule, and plan instead of react.  

With Maximo Health and Predict, energy providers' specific requirements can be cost-effectively and in a timely manner. For example, functionality within oil and gas operations includes failure codes, asset specification, location details, prioritization matrix, and condition of work.

  • Analytics-based insights for predictive maintenance strategies
  • 24/7 monitoring and predicting of asset health and potential risks
  • Maintenance optimization through AI-enhanced predictions for support, mobility, data integration, root-cause analysis, and remedy guidance for overall maintenance optimization
  • Identify under-performing assets and failure patterns
  • Better asset repair and replacement decisions based on cost and value
  • Visualization of operational risks and asset criticalities
  • Decreased risk, unplanned downtime, and unnecessary maintenance

Other IBM MAS Features for Energy and Utilities

Maximo Monitor

  • Visualize current and historical asset data with custom configuration
  • Input analytical data with visual outputs such as tables, charts, graphs, etc.
  • Data used to detect potential risks, failures, and alerts within devices and assets

Maximo Visual Inspection

  • Video and image analysis for classification and object detection using AI
  • Connected to cameras and drones
  • Real-time inspections in dispersed locations with rules for defect detection
  • Great for mobile devices and remote location management

Maximo Mobile

  • Mobilize field workers and maintain collaboration
  • Maintenance and asset data readily available from any location on mobile
  • Online and offline access
  • Access to AI and remote assistance for tasks, inspections, and more

Maximo Reliable Strategies

  • Optimizes maintenance
  • Preventative tasks aligned with risk and failure models
  • Boost asset reliability and performance with failure models, asset classes, and preventative maintenance schedules

Maximo Service Provider

  • Support customer contracts
  • Record resources and other tools used to complete tasks
  • Facilitate billing details for customer contracts/customer-owned assets


Projetech's Maximo as a Service addresses energy asset management regulations:

  • FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission): Energy-related statutes, rules, regulations, and tariffs
  • NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission): Health, safety, and other regulations involving assets management
  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency): Ensure that assets and their usage and storage meet EPA guidelines

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