Maximo Plus+

Solution that brings advanced support, performance and license analytics to on-premise Maximo systems.

What's Included?

✔ Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3 Support

✔ Best practices provided by Industry Experts

✔ Compliance Analytics and Right-Sizing Options

✔ Performance Monitoring & Improvement Consulting for On-premise Maximo Production Instances

✔ Maximo Licenses

✔ A Dedicated Non-Production Instance of Maximo as a Service

✔ Best Practice Solution Reviews

✔ Move to Cloud Anytime

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What is unique about our situation is that we allow customers to focus on their core business. They don’t have to worry about whether their information system is current or operating appropriately. Clients can manage their business with a lot of confidence in the services that we have behind them. We have always been a customer first service organization

- Steve Richmond, Founder/CEO, Projetech Inc.

The Cloud Solution We've Been Perfecting #Since1999

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