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Projetech for IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo is a highly flexible enterprise asset management platform, but if you aren't working with the right partner, you may not be getting the most out of the solution. Projetech can help you get the full benefits of Maximo. We can work with you to adapt Maximo to your unique asset management needs and support your solution when you need help the most.

That's why we're offering a free consultation so we can better understand your business needs and you can better understand what we have to offer within the marketplace.

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Projetech offers an optimized, secure, stable and scalable Maximo Application Suite (MAS) instance provided as a Maximo as a Service (MaaS) subscription available via the Projetech Cloud.

  • Projetech will support your current Maximo systems and provide the migration to MAS based on your timeline and your requirements.
  • Projetech will not force you to migrate to MAS. Extended support is available past the Maximo end of support dates.
  • When your team is ready, we'll migrate you to MAS Manage and will take care of all the backend technical changes so you can focus on the new MAS capabilities.
  • This is all included with your Maximo as a Service (MaaS) subscription.

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Organization Options – Inventory

Maximo's Organization Options allow tailored inventory management. Features include 'Item Defaults', 'Inventory Defaults', 'Reorder', and 'Inventory Costs'. These configurations dictate item statuses, site-level behaviors, procurement settings, and issue costs, optimizing inventory operations across businesses.
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Unpacking the IBM Certified Administrator - Maximo Manage v8.x Certification

Dive into the nuances of the IBM Certified Administrator - Maximo Manage v8.x certification. Projetech's Phil Runion offers firsthand insights, making it essential reading for professionals looking to upskill in the Maximo realm.
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Organization Options – Work Orders

In this exploration of Maximo's Organization Options for Work Orders, we delve into its dynamic configuration capabilities suited for varied business needs. Central to this is the Maximo Data Structure, adept at data separation and bespoke rule applications. Notably, the article illuminates Work Order Options, adjustable at distinct organizational tiers. This includes the highly customizable Worktype, encompassing categories like Overhaul and Repair, and Edit Rules, which grant nuanced access based on work order statuses.
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