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7 Reasons You NEED MaxPlus+


May 20, 2019


Julie Rampello, VP of Business Development, Projetech

Maximo from IBM provides a powerful Enterprise Asset Management application for organizations, but it's a complex platform that needs specialized IT staff to get the most out of it. If you use Maximo and you're struggling with implementation, adoption and ongoing support, MaxPlus+ is a value-added solution made for you. Here are seven reasons that you need Maximo Plus+ from Projetech.

1. Improved Maximo Quality of Service

MaxPlus+ uses Maximo-specific system monitoring services to ensure that everything is working properly. You can use this data to look for ways to improve performance and get more out of your Maximo investment. This software is too complex to attempt to use generic monitoring tools. You end up missing out on too much vital information.

2. Rightsizing License Count

Keeping track of your license usage is a complicated challenge. You spend too much money when your licenses exceed the amount you actually need. Some users need to use the platform every day, others pull it up on occasion and then there are employees who don't actually need access at all. MaxPlus+ allows you to dial in the right license count for your organization to realize these cost savings.

3. Avoid License Non-Compliance Penalties

Another common problem companies encounter is failing to comply with software license terms. When you're working with a lot of software, you can end up with installations that don't comply with the agreement with the vendor. The vendor may choose to audit the software and issue fines for non-compliance. This is another use case where the MaxPlus+ rightsizing tool benefits you and keeps your costs low.

4. Trial Maximo as a Service (MaaS) Before Committing to the Cloud

The cloud-based implementation of Maximo is a tempting option for on-premises users. However, moving to Maximo as a Service is a big step for many companies. You have a lot to handle during a migration, so knowing whether it's truly better for your organization than your existing system is essential.

MaxPlus+ gives you the ability to trial MaaS in a non-production DEV instance before you commit to the cloud. You can even use your own data if you prefer.

5. Internal Labor Savings on Embedded Services

MaxPlus+ includes embedded services such as database administration and monitoring of your databases, servers, apps and licenses. Your in-house IT department doesn't need to find time to take on these tasks, and you won't have to hire more specialists to handle it.

6. Mitigate Maximo Support Risk

An internal labor skill gap represents a major support risk for Maximo. If your in-house team doesn't have the experience or skills necessary to work with Maximo and provide ongoing support, then your organization runs into many problems. Maximo Plus+ offers multiple tiers of support by experienced specialists.

7. License Portability

You won't have to pay for new licensing to move from MaxPlus+ to the Cloud.  Your licenses have portability in the event of a future move to MaaS. This benefit represents a considerable license cost savings.


MaxPlus+ is the perfect companion for your Maximo deployment. You get many of the benefits that come with MaaS, without needing to get rid of your on-premises solution. Get in touch with the Maximo experts at Projetech to discuss more ways that Maximo Plus+ can transform your Enterprise Asset Management platform.

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