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On-Premises vs. Hosting vs. SaaS

As an IBM Maximo® as a Service (MaaS) provider, oftentimes, I hear or see the term “hosting” being used as a reference to the services Projetech provides. Although, the error may seem benign, it is an extreme misnomer and injustice to what it is we really do! Saying we deliver a hosting solution is comparable to saying the solar system is a galaxy! I realize it’s not an intentional offense, but a matter of lack of awareness of the difference.

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Maximo Upgrades

Upgrades are usually in the way of everything. Everything has to be updated and every employee has to update their own devices. Who has time for that? SaaS solutions automatically update, without anyone having to wait for each device to update. Time consumption is not the only thing reduced with regard to upgrades – so are costs. Upgrades and new releases often force organizations to buy the upgrade package or pay for specialized services to get the software update. With SaaS all of that is eliminated.

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Visit the Projetech blog to learn more about specific Maximo topics along with high level thinking that can help your organization move forward.

Topics include:

  • You Have Been Selected for a Maximo Software License Review... Now what?
  • 5 Easy Steps to Add Maximo Hover Dialogs
  • Maximo Automation Scripting | Introduction into Automation Scripting
  • SaaS is NOT Hosting is NOT SaaS
  • An Apex of Support & Performance Improvement for IBM's Maximo Delivered by Industry Experts
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Our webinars consist of different trainings, demos, and solutions. In addition to Projetech's webinars, you'll find webinars from our solution providers as well.

Topics include:

  • Cloud Computing: The New Delivery System for Business
  • Connected Maintenance for Maximo - A Customer Use Case & Solution Demo
  • Maximo Start Centers & Their Portlets
  • Increasing Productivity with IBM Maximo {json:api}
  • The Balancing Act Between IT and Business
  • Searching & Querying in Maximo
  • Utilizing MaxAware to Monitor the Health of your Maximo
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Looking for some Maximo specific tradeshows, user groups, and conferences to attend? Come see us at the shows below.

  • CanMUG
  • MUWG
  • Maximo World
  • GO Maximo
  • IMC
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What is Maximo?

IBM Maximo® enterprise asset management solutions allow you to gain near real time visibility into asset usage, better govern assets, extend the useful life of capital equipment, improve return on assets and defer new purchases - while unifying processes for wide-ranging enterprising asset management functions across multiple sites.

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IBM Maximo Training

Training is essential in understanding the concepts and functionality of the IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution. Maximo training courses are available as self-paced online recordings or live instructor led. Whether you are an end user or a System Administrator, we can help you find the right training to fit your needs.

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