Maximo Upgrades | On-Premises vs. SaaS (Cloud)

Upgrades are usually in the way of everything. Everything has to be updated and every employee has to update their own devices. Who has time for that? SaaS solutions automatically update, without anyone having to wait for each device to update. Time consumption is not the only thing reduced with regard to upgrades – so are costs. Upgrades and new releases often force organizations to buy the upgrade package or pay for specialized services to get the software update. With SaaS all of that is eliminated.


On-Premises Upgrades

Higher Cost - Must own and continuously update all hardware

Customization - Many organizations avoid upgrades simply because they don't have the expertise and can't afford to lose any specific customization that may be in place.

Performance - Unless you're one of the largest companies in the world, performance will be less than ideal. 99.99% uptime requires extensive around-the-clock resources which can bankrupt a small to medium sized business.

Timing - All hardware and software must be updated, depending on the size of the company, which could take several weeks to several months.

SaaS (Cloud) Upgrades

Low Cost - All you need is internet connectivity and electricity.

Customization - Handled by a third-party vendor that specializes in upgrades for a specific product. Have peace of mind that you're always on current product and you'll never lose those crucial customizations

Performance - Again, handled by a third-party vendor that specializes in keeping the system up and running at all hours of the day. Their only job is to keep the system up and running, meanwhile you can focus on the success of your business.

Timing - Since all the hardware and software are managed by the third-party vendor, upgrades happen often and doesn't disrupt day-to-day business.