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About US Wind & Solar

This US based wind and solar company is a leader in developing innovative wind and solar energy solutions for customers across the country. By developing renewable and clean energy technologies, they're reducing their customers' environmental footprint. They operate more than 2,975 megawatts (MW) of solar and wind projects, and they’re adding additional renewable energy solutions such as battery storage and microgrids to their portfolio.

The Problem

Projetech’s customer, a U.S. - based clean energy conglomerate, provides wind and solar power to utilities and large industrial facilities which in turn deliver power to its customers. Covering vast locations across the United States, the operations and maintenance group needed to improve inventory sharing across the enterprise while maintaining security at each facility. For this critical project, Projetech was called to perform the upgrade from Maximo version 4.1.1 to Maximo’s current version.

At the time of the project, 36 locations across the country needed a more efficient and consistent enterprise-wide system. To perform the upgrade to the current version of Maximo, the energy conglomerate needed a proven partner; they needed a partner that could manage the size of the project as well as the complexity.

With approximately 375 Maximo users across all locations, this project was no small undertaking. Coordination, communication, training and speed would be critical to successful completion of the project. As a long-time Projetech customer of 14 years, upgrading and hosting the current locations as well as future locations with Maximo needed to be part of the upgrade plan.

Needless to say, operations could not skip a beat and databases needed to be maintained while the upgrades were performed.

"This was a huge project, spanning about nine month’s time and a total of 36 sites. Looking back, it is amazing to realize that we were able to upgrade the sites at apace of approximately one every two weeks. That is aggressive. The teamwork and support from Projetech was awesome." - Project Manager

The Solution

The solution for the energy company was a Maximo version 7.5 upgrade (a complete cloud computing solution) using Projetech’s Maximo as a Service (MaaS) in a hosted environment.

With the enormous scope of the project, advance  planning was critical. After developing a proven process at a prototype site, including training for the users, the energy company and Projetech proceeded site by site to all locations across the enterprise. As part of Maximo as a Service Premier Support service package, Projetech’s Customer Service Team was available to provide support, quick answers and guidance to complete the upgrades and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Hosting through Maximo as a Service provides ongoing benefits. All critical data is recorded and stored at Projetech’s secure, state-of-the-art data center. Projetech’s staff handles all upgrades and administrative support while data is 100% secure and always available.

"The Projetech team was great to work with. They resolved issues quickly… 95% of the issues were resolved within minutes. The end result was 375 users effectively and easily making the transition to Maximo’s current version." - Project Manager

The Result

The upgrade to Maximo version 7.5 was completed according to the plan, starting with 20 locations and then an additional 16. What used to be laborious work to generate reports has become a time-saver and effective management tool.

With over 20 years of experience, Projetech’s expertise is upgrading legacy Maximo systems efficiently and knowledgeably. Although the upgrade from Maximo version 4.1.1 to version 7.5 (a complete cloud computing solution) had challenges, Projetech was able to handle the upgrade across the energy company’s vast user base without jeopardizing current operations. With training and support, 375 users were able to make the transition easily and experience the improved functionality immediately.

"Our users really like the new system. Maximo 7.5 saves time with the ability to query, run and save reports. Now we can function much more effectively across the enterprise. In the end, the new version of Maximo is much more user friendly and efficient." - Project Manager

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