Maximo EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) Solutions

CMMS is a computer database software package that maintains an organization's human resources and operation functions. The data from this computerized management system improves maintenance workers' effectiveness and the quality of management decisions. CMMS software also improves the verification of regulatory compliance. System CMMS software packages are also referred to as enterprise asset management (EAM).

Maximo Asset Management Modules

IBM Maximo EAM (enterprise asset management) is a critical software solution for asset-intensive industries, including:

  1. Heavy manufacturing
  2. Hospitals
  3. Utilites
  4. Pharmaceutical
  5. Hotels
  6. Oil and Gas
  7. Rail and transit
  8. Campuses
  9. All facilities management groups

Using a Maximo EAM system helps you manage, organize, and share your resources, inventory, and personnel. This type of management also enables you to handle your physical assets, including transportation, communications, plant, infrastructure, facilities, and production.

Maximo asset management features six modules that enhance your business processes. This enterprise asset business solution includes:

Asset Management

You can manage your assets throughout their different phases. In addition to managing the asset lifecycle, you can track location data.

Work Management

Effective work management improves agility and sustainability. This type of management allows you to record the details of different work activities from the beginning to the end of the project.

Contract Management

You have complete control of your contracts for rentals, leases, purchases, software, and rights reserved documents. Rights reserved documents that list your prerogatives in the employment sense, such as your company has the sole discretion over the items you include in the contract. The management of contracts can also include user-defined agreements, such as master and blanket contracts.

Service Management

You can create escalation procedures and easily monitor service level delivery effectively. Service management includes service level agreements (SLAs) and custom service offers you create.

Inventory Management

This type of management provides in-depth details regarding your assets. This detailed view of your asset-related inventory lets you know where, what, when, how valuable, and how many assets you're using for your business processes.

Procurement Management

You can manage your entire procurement process for all purchase types, such as automated inventory replenishment and direct orders.

IBM Maximo Industry Specific Solutions

IBM Maximo features industry-specific solutions for:

Projetech and IBM Maximo

Projetech provides flexible solutions for our customers using IBM Maximo. We enable our customers to explore and experience enterprise asset management in the cloud without risk. Our customers can request a free 30-day trial to try the latest Maximo in the cloud technology.

We also encourage our customers to join our community of experts. Maximo Online Resources and Education (MORE) is a Projetech hosted community of Maximo users of all levels. This community platform helps users find a variety of resources regarding Maximo software. Users in this community can also discuss IBM Maximo's complexities with experts and peers.

What Is Maximo EAM?

IBM Maximo EAM is a maintenance management software that provides a complete solution for enterprise asset management for the entire lifecycle of your assets, including linear assets. This Maximo asset management solution helps the visibility of asset usage and increases your return on investment.

What Are the Uses of IBM Maximo?

You can use IBM Maximo for many of your business processes. This software can manage your assets and data using artificial intelligence (AI) and different analytics to extend asset lifecycles ad optimize performance. You can also use IBM Maximo for remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. In addition to these tasks, you can also use IBM Maximo to improve worker safety and use AI to identify defects in production with a visual inspection. There is also a mobile EAM that delivers operational data for your assets.

What Is the Difference Between SAP and Maximo?

IBM Maximo and SAP are both enterprise asset software solutions that help users maintain their physical assets. Both maintenance management software offers the same features, but IBM Maximo has the advantage with inventory management. IBM Maximo provides stock-level metrics, lot control, supplier information, and more.

What Is an EAM System?

An enterprise asset management (EAM) system is software you use to maintain and control your equipment and operational assets. EAM helps make your company's assets more productive, reduces your operating costs, and helps you with optimizing quality assets.

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