Enhancing Maximo with Automation Scripts (Episode 1)


Steven Shull, Projetech

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Automation scripts have empowered administrators to expand Maximo functionality to make the Maximo system work better for your organization. In addition to delivering new value to users, we also develop automation scripts as temporary resolutions to Maximo issues until a patch is developed by IBM and/or until the customer can get the patch deployed. But with a topic this large, especially one improving on every release, it’s often hard to get started. “How do I do…” is a common question and sometimes the best answer involves writing automation scripts. If you’re new to automation scripts, or looking to learn new ways to improve your scripts, this is for you.  

For this webinar, I plan to cover a few of the most common scenarios where we utilize automation scripts and describe how and why we use them. In cases where the functionality can at least partly be accomplished with out of the box Maximo configuration, I’ll explain when you would use an automation script over some of the other alternatives. Some examples of scenarios I’m planning to cover is defaulting values on record creation, creating attribute lookups, handling object deletion, and enabling users to invoke scripts with an action (push button and/or more action menu). If you have a specific scenario you’d like me to demo, let us know and if it’s a good fit I’ll use it. There’s no better way to learn then utilizing real world problems.

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