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How Aleut Integrated 17 Individual Sites to One Maximo Instance

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About Aleut

Founded in 1984 Aleut Management Services is a premier provider of operations and maintenance, logistics, engineering, information technology, training and education, and construction services to a range of state and government agencies.


Aleut Management Services provides operations and maintenance services for a wide range of state and government agencies, including the Air Force Academy ;Fort Belvoir, Virginia; and Bethesda, Maryland.

With a diverse range of subsidiaries – including a couple overseas – Aleut required a system that would give them visibility into thousands of assets across their organization. They needed to achieve this without putting their small internal IT team under pressure.

Aleut has now successfully rolled-out Maximo to 17 sites and are continuing to further integrate Maximo with their other business processes.

Why Aleut Sought a Cloud-Based Solution

When Aleut takes on a site, there is usually an EAM solution already in place; often, it is an in-house implementation of Maximo. It is not unusual for this implementation to be out-of-date, incorrectly managed, and inefficient.

At the Airforce Academy, the in-house implementation was about four versions behind, Bethesda was three versions behind, Fort Belvoir was three versions out-of-date – until that is, the previous contractor removed the servers, clients and network infrastructure a few days before Aleut took over.

Across all the sites, the same problems and issues occurred again and again:

  • Limited in-house Maximo knowledge
  • Little to no support on-site
  • Lack of upgrades
  • Minimal ability to configure changes
  • Lack of standardization between sites
Managing multiple sites, each with different versions of Maximo and no standardization between them, was almost impossible. Aleut needed a system that would give them a standardized overview of all their assets, across all their sites – that solution was Projetech’s Maximo as a Service.

Projetech, a Platinum IBM Business Partner, offers IBM Maximo: the global standard in software for Enterprise Asset Management and maintenance. Since 1999, Projetech has been providing Maximo as a Service (MaaS), which allows clients to manage, maintain and scale their solution requirements while benefiting from flexible services and lower operating costs

Why Cloud Based Maximo?

In addition to the ability to manage assets across multiple sites, Aleut had several other requirements that Projetech’s Maximo as a Service fulfilled:

  • Rigorous Security – Because they work with the government, Aleut is required to be NIST 800-171 compliant. Projetech’s ISO/IEC 27001 certification could be easily mapped to the NIST 800-171 requirements.

    This meant both Aleut and the government were confident that the cloud security met their requirements. It also reduced the need for Aleut to use vital internal IT resources to monitor security.
  • Flexibility and Scalability – The number of employees Aleut has can quickly grow and shrink as contracts begin and end; 470 employees this year could grow to 2000 next year, and then down again the year after. Maximo as a Service is a highly scalable solution that can scale with the company as it grows and shrinks to meet demand.

    This ensures Aleut always has the resources they need as they grow, but they’re not paying for something unnecessary when their requirements shrink.
  • Outsourced Support – With a team of just two maintaining Aleut’s IT systems,there was little time or bandwidth for taking on additional work. A cloud solution takes setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting out of Aleut’s hands, freeing up key personnel to focus on value-added tasks.
  • Value – Aleut calculated the cost to get new servers, hire support,and license software for an in-house solution. They found that moving to the cloud would achieve what they wanted better for a lower cost.

How Maximo in the Cloud Is Helping Aleut Support Government Facilities Maintenance

The project has been a significant success, and Aleut has now integrated 17 individual sites under one top-level organization. This was achieved using Maximo’s Organizations application to define each unique location and share or keep separate specific operations as needed.

For example, Projetech has used Maximo’s Application Designer to build custom work order tracking screens for each site. By using custom screens, Aleut can ensure the correct custom fields match up with the information sent from whatever government system they are pulling data from.

Additionally, by integrating Maximo with their ERP system, Aleut is now able to manage the full purchasing process from one central location. Aleut now has the ability to have a consolidated vendor database, implement purchasing limits, and integrate buyer information from ERP/HR systems into Maximo.

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