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About WBI Energy

WBI Energy, a subsidiary of the MDU Resources Group, owns and operates more than 3800 miles of natural gas pipeline covering North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming. With more than eight decades of energy-field experience in the Rocky Mountain Region, the experienced professionals at WBI Energy can provide a variety of energy field services to help you maximize your profit potential.

Other assets include three underground storage fields in Montana and Wyoming and a large volume of compressor stations – the pumps that supply the force to move the gas through the pipeline.

Maintaining these assets (and being able to prove they had done so) is key to meeting the compliance requirements set out by PHMSA (Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration). WBI Energy was struggling to achieve this using their current paper tracking system.

After a couple of compliance near-misses, WBI knew they had to make a change. By implementing IBM Maximo Oil & Gas and Maximo Anywhere, they have been able to take control of their compliance, improve their processes, and reduce daily manual tasks for their teams out in the field.

How Paper-Based Systems Put WBI At Risk

WBI’s existing processes were primarily paper-based, with paper records extended to 30,000+ locations and their respective assets. Additionally, the teams never used work orders; the technicians in the field did what they needed and then sent the paperwork in.

Although the technicians were getting the work done to a high standard, tracking and proving it for compliance was becoming difficult and time-consuming. The team established several problems they wanted to correct:

Deploying IBM Maximo Gas & Oil and Maximo Anywhere In The Cloud

In addition to Maximo Gas & Oil, WBI required Maximo Anywhere so that they could deploy apps that would support their technicians in the field. Many of these technicians were maintaining assets far away from the office. Consequently, they needed to access their work orders and other resources from any location using just a phone, tablet, or laptop.

With a strong internal IT team, WBI could have opted to set up Maximo internally, but instead chose to use Maximo in the Cloud with Projetech.

Working with Projetech enabled them to:

Key to the success of the implementation was WBI’s strategy of using cross-functional teams in focus tests and workshops to develop workflows and better understand the complexity of their business.

With vision and support from upper management, buy-in from area reps, IT teams, technicians, and project management, and deployment and support from Projetech, WBI was able to meet their deadline and have Maximo fully functional within one year.

How Maximo Has Helped WBI

Following implementation, WBI’s key success has been building a foundation on Maximo which will allow them to further improve their efficiency and compliance in the future.

Specific benefits include:

With this foundation in place, WBI is now focusing on further standardizing their work processes and refining PMs, routes & job plans. Future and in-progress plans include:

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