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Why Companies Need to Renew IBM Software Subscription and Support


December 14, 2020


Julie Rampello, VP of Business Development, Projetech

IBM requires that all Maximo clients maintain a Software and Support Subscription agreement, also called an S&S. This agreement is renewed annually. IBM Maximo users have a limited window in which to renew their software subscription. If they fail to renew, they miss out on many benefits and lose support for their software. 

S&S ensures your agreement gets renewed on time every time and entitles you to services that are critical to maintaining a reliable Maximo system and help you derive more value from your IBM software investment, including Maximo technical support, product updates/fixes, and access to new releases.

Staying Up-to-Date With IBM Software

IBM requires that Maximo clients remain in compliance with IBM’s licensing policies. If you purchased Maximo software licenses, then you are required to pay an annual Software &Support Subscription. S&S keeps your company compliant with IBM licensing policies while giving you access to upgrades, fixes, and feature packs for IBM Maximo software.  

Companies that enter into the agreement also receive incremental enhancements that become available between new version releases, as well as fixes and security patches. With renewable Subscription and Support, your company doesn’t risk ending up on an unsupported version of Maximo. Instead, you always have access to support from IBM. 

Return on Your Investment in Software Subscription and Support

S&S can bring more value from your solution. Renewing Software Subscription and Support may reduce software acquisition costs or avoid potentially expensive reinstatement fees that are incurred if you allow your subscription to lapse. 

Receiving IBM support and patches allows your company to maintain the highest levels of security. Patches remove potential security vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit and reduces the tangible and intangible costs of security risk. 

Your company can capitalize on new and innovative Maximo capabilities, features, and functions. Working with the latest software increases performance, efficiency, and productivity, boosting your bottom line. 

As an IBM Authorized Reseller of Maximo, Projetech may be able to provide you with a competitive bid and increase the ROI on your Software and Support spend.

The Advantages of Renewed Support

S&S protects your IBM software investment. With active IBM Software Subscription and Support, you have 24/7 access to a wealth of online documentation and IBM knowledge centers. Renewed support provides the IBM support expertise and tools you need to help prevent problems and fix them quickly if they do occur. 

IBM support delivers access to fixes in real time. Your company receives security alerts and patches, as well as troubleshooting tools and problem prevention. With IBM support, you benefit from rapid response to severity 1 support issues around the clock. 

Why Choosing the Right Partner Matters

Renewing your IBM Software Subscription and Support is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your software investment. Choosing the right partner for renewal can produce even more value. When Projetech customers need support or leadership for O&M projects, we provide them with direct access to seasoned industry experts. 

Companies gain additional benefits and other creative solutions from renewing their IBM Software Subscription and Support with Projetech. As a trusted IBM Partner, we can help you make the best use of your investment. Through S&S, we offer license footprint right-sizing for IBM software licenses so you always have the correct resources to meet company needs. When we work with your company, we can discuss your license needs and options. 

We also give our S&S customers access to training through the MORE community. MORE training is free and unlimited for our customers. Sessions are pre-recorded so team members can work at their own pace.

Our customers may get better pricing for renewals. Ask for a quote from us and find out. If your company is interested, Projetech can provide advisory services to explore and introduce a cloud transition path.  

See how affordable renewable Software Subscription and Support can be. Request a quote from Projetech.

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