Projetech: A Strategic Partner for Your Maximo Application Suite Upgrade

May 17, 2024

As we edge closer to September 2025, the end-of-support date for IBM Maximo 7.6 looms large for decision-makers managing Maximo systems. This upcoming deadline marks a technological shift and a strategic decision point for businesses worldwide. The transition to Maximo Application Suite (MAS) involves significant changes in technology and infrastructure, requiring more than just a routine software update.

In this critical phase, the choice between upgrading in-house or partnering with a Maximo cloud service provider like Projetech is not merely a matter of convenience but a strategic business decision. This blog post aims to guide decision-makers through the pivotal transition, highlighting the challenges of an in-house upgrade and the comprehensive benefits of partnering with Projetech for your MAS upgrade.

The Complexity of Upgrading to MAS

Transitioning from Maximo 7.6 to MAS is a substantial technological leap. MAS operates on a Kubernetes container platform, a stark contrast to the traditional client/server architecture. This change signifies a move to embracing new technologies such as Red Hat OpenShift, necessitating significant investments in new hardware, software, and training for IT staff. This upgrade is not just about installing new software; it's about revamping your entire IT infrastructure to support the new system.

The Challenges of an In-House Upgrade

For organizations considering handling the upgrade internally, the path is fraught with challenges:

  1. Technical Expertise: Shifting to a Kubernetes platform requires specialized knowledge and skills. Your current IT team might need significant upskilling to manage the complexities of MAS.
  2. Resource Allocation: An in-house upgrade would mean diverting substantial resources from your core business operations to manage this transition.
  3. Financial Investment: Transitioning to MAS involves significant capital expenditures on new technologies and infrastructure, which can present an organization with a heavy financial burden.
  4. Operational Risk: There's an inherent risk of downtime and disruption during the transition period, which can impact business operations.

Projetech: A Reliable and Secure Cloud Solution

Projetech stands out as an ideal partner for your MAS upgrade. Here’s why:

  1. Exceptional Service Level Agreement: Projetech's commitment to service excellence is evident in its 99.99% uptime commitment, offering peace of mind and reliability.
  2. Direct Experience with MAS: Projetech doesn't just recommend MAS; they use it to run their business. This firsthand experience gives them unique insights and capabilities, ensuring unparalleled service quality.
  3. Strong IBM Partnership: Projetech’s long-term collaboration with IBM on MAS ensures they are deeply knowledgeable about the platform's nuances and future developments.
  4. Dedication to Security and Quality: Projetech's adherence to ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, and 9001 standards reflects its commitment to top-notch security and quality management.
  5. Global Reach and Robust Infrastructure: With worldwide clients and data centers, Projetech manages over 900 virtual machines and more than 400 Maximo instances daily, ensuring scalable and robust service delivery.

Tailored Expertise for Every Need

Projetech’s approach is client-centric, offering Maximo cloud solutions to various industries, regions, and company sizes:

  1. Network of Industry Experts: Through their network of industry-leading business partners, Projetech ensures that clients receive the most relevant expertise specific to their industry needs. This vast pool of resources and knowledge means requirements can be met with the most efficient and effective solution.
  2. Pioneering in Cloud-Based Maximo Management: Projetech's long history in managing Maximo software in the cloud since 1999 highlights their pioneering vision and deep-rooted expertise. They were among the first to recognize and harness the power of cloud computing for Maximo, setting a benchmark in the industry.
  3. Focused Excellence in Maximo: Unlike other vendors that might spread their resources across multiple systems, Maximo is Projetech's sole focus. This singular dedication ensures that all their resources, innovations, and developments are channeled toward providing the best Maximo solutions available

Strategic Advantages of Selecting Projetech

Choosing Projetech for your MAS upgrade is a strategic decision that offers:

  1. Confidence in Execution: With a decades-long track record, Projetech assures a smooth, efficient transition to MAS. Their expertise minimizes the risks associated with such significant upgrades.
  2. Focus on Core Business: Delegating the technical and operational aspects of the MAS upgrade to Projetech allows your organization to concentrate on its core business activities, driving innovation and growth.
  3. Future-Proofing Your Asset Management: Staying at the forefront of technological advancements in asset management, Projetech ensures that your organization benefits from the latest developments and trends.

Making the Decision

As a decision-maker, choosing between an in-house upgrade and partnering with Projetech should be guided by your organization's technical capabilities, resource availability, risk appetite, and strategic objectives. Partnering with Projetech is not just about managing a software upgrade; it’s about embracing a future where your asset management solution is agile, efficient, and aligned with your business goals.


The upgrade to Maximo Application Suite is a pivotal moment for any organization. It’s an opportunity to not only enhance your asset management system but also to transform the way your business operates. By carefully weighing your options and potentially choosing Projetech, you ensure a seamless transition, optimal resource utilization, and a future-proofed asset management strategy.

In this strategic decision, you’re not merely upgrading software; you're adopting a solution that aligns with your organization’s trajectory of growth and success. With Projetech, you’re set to enter a new era of efficiency and innovation in asset management.

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May 17, 2024
Maximo Application Suite

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