Organization Options – Work Orders

Chris Winston, Projetech
September 11, 2023

As part of Maximo’s capabilities to be configured and tailored to different business processes, there are options in the Organizations application. This is all part of the Maximo Data Structure, allowing certain data to be separated as well as allowing different sets of rules to be applied to different data. We will start this series with Work Order options and cover several that are commonly utilized and call out the level at which they are applied.

  • Worktype – Organization Level
  • Edit Rules – Organization Level
  • Site Options – Site Level
  • Other – Organization Level

Although many of the different ‘value lists’ in Maximo are created and maintained in the Domains application, Worktypes are managed here in the Organizations application.

Worktypes can further be grouped by ‘Type’, such as Overhaul, Repair, Inspection, and you can add to that list of values as well if you wish to in the Domains (Worktype) application.

Worktypes can be what you want them to be. There are no internal functions tied to them to limit you to certain specific values. Additionally, there are options to handle processing differently by worktype:

  • Downtime Prompt – If asset is in down status when completing or closing the work order, you can receive a message to remind you of that fact in case you want to change it
  • Failure Prompt – When completing / closing the work order without failure information, you can receive a message to remind you so you can update if appropriate.

As you move through the different work order statuses from Awaiting Approval (WAPPR) where many of them start, to Closed or Canceled, the number of fields you can update decreases. In WAPPR status, you have the most flexibility to fill in just about everything. Once the work order is approved (APPR), fewer fields are available to be edited.

Edit rules will allow you to make sections available for update beyond the WAPPR status. Keep in mind, if you have status synonyms in use, they will follow the rules of the standard status listed here, as delivered with Maximo.

So, let’s say you have a synonym status for INPRG called MCOMP for maintenance complete. If you wan to be able to update asset, location and GL, then you will need to update the INPRG edit rules and check those boxes because the synonyms will not appear in the list:

Site level options can be tricky because you need to select the Site first in the upper portion of the dialog before choosing the option.

As an example, sometimes an implementation will prefer to have the Work Execution Work Center behave like Quick Reporting and have the work orders created in INPRG status.

For that, you must select the Site first, and then change the Work Centers Status radio button to INPRG from the default of WAPPR.

Then, there are ‘other’ organization options. This list grows, so when looking for a new option, here is a good place to check.

Some examples include:

  • ‘Set Actual Start Date’ defaults to the status change to ‘Initiate’ which in the list of statuses is actually INPRG. This copies the date of change into the Actual Start Date on the Work Order.
  • Display Warranty Status if the asset is covered under a warranty contract – this will display in the work order applications.
  • Clear Material Reservation when WO Status Changes – helpful when work orders are being closed; otherwise, you may wish to consider using the ‘To Complete’ option.
  • Display Duplicate Problem Warning in cases where a potentially duplicate work order is being created, and the user will then be able to examine the work order(s) to confirm they want to create a new one, or just update an existing one and alert the person reporting the work.

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Chris Winston, Projetech
September 11, 2023
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