An Apex of Support & Performance Improvement for IBM's Maximo Delivered by Industry Experts

Julie Rampello, VP of Sales and Marketing, Projetech
March 26, 2019

MaxPlus+ is a comprehensive managed solution that brings advanced support, performance improvement, license compliance analytics, and right-sizing opportunities to on-premise Maximo systems.

Bundled Solution

  • Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3 Support
  • Best practices provided by Industry Experts
  • Continual Performance Monitoring and Improvement Consulting for On-premise Maximo Production Instances
  • Maximo Licenses
  • A Dedicated Non-Production Cloud Instance of Maximo as a Service
  • Best Practice Solution Reviews
  • Tools and Analytics for Right-Sizing Maximo Users
  • Move to Cloud Anytime

Maximo from IBM is one of the leading Enterprise Asset Management applications in the world! Consequently, it requires expertise across a broad spectrum of skill sets that most organizations are lacking. MaxPlus+ was created because of the demand from Maximo customers who were struggling with maximizing their investment in Maximo running on-premise. Customers running Maximo on-premises are often resource constrained and desire more robust options for Maximo support and ROI.

Managing your Maximo should include ongoing, on-demand expert and easily accessible Help Desk support, monitoring for performance improvement opportunities, license right-sizing, and access to Maximo industry solution providers. If you are lacking in any or all these areas, Maximo Plus+ may be just what you’ve been searching for. Offered via a simple subscription-based model, Maximo Plus+ provides clients with one of the best Maximo support options available!

MaxPlus+ also provides you the opportunity to explore the latest version of Maximo in the cloud while keeping your Production instance on premise and as fine-tuned as possible. Using a dedicated Non-Production cloud Maximo option, you can try out Maximo in the cloud. Perhaps your Maximo is heavily customized and has been around for so long, that your legacy customizations have hindered your ability to take advantage of new features. Removing as many non-native customizations as possible will make upgrades much smoother and more cost effective.  Check out the latest Maximo configuration tools and other new features in your own MaxPlus+ Non-Production cloud instance!

If you decide at any point it is time to move your Maximo Production to the cloud, you will know what to expect. By upgrading from MaxPlus+ to Maximo as a Service (MaaS), you will experience the same great services in addition to many others, such as:

  • All-encompassing support
  • Continually updated infrastructure and middleware required to run Maximo
  • Disaster Recovery
  • High Availability Service Level Agreement
  • 1 Production & 1 Non-Production instance
  • ISO27001:2013 Certified for Information Security
  • Maximo Integrations Support
  • Mobile Solutions available
  • Data always belongs to client. A secure gateway is an option for accessing data via 3rd party tools, such as Excel.

Get Started with MaxPlus+:

For additional details on these or other Maximo offerings by industry experts, please visit our web site at Feel free to submit any requests for information to

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Julie Rampello, VP of Sales and Marketing, Projetech
March 26, 2019

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