Download & Go: Simple Mobile Solutions for Maximo


Alex Walter, CIO, A3J Group

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Are you in the market for a mobile solution for Maximo? Want to achieve faster time to value? Not sure exactly what you need for a mobile solution?

A3J Group is dedicated to creating useful and innovative tools that make working easier, mobile, and timely. By empowering equipment and reliability maintenance staff with an effortless way to download, deploy and use applications. We believe our apps can help organizations achieve faster time-to-value as they embrace mobile solutions within their asset management practices.

A3J Group has developed simple mobile solutions for Maximo to better serve its clients. Each app has specific functionality that is fully integrated with your Maximo system. Simply download any of the apps from the App Store or Google Play.

Alex Walter from the A3J Group will showcase three apps during this webinar. MxMeter which allows you to view and enter meter readings from your mobile device. MxCount captures physical counts at the source. Lastly, MxWork allows you to create and view work orders. See how these apps can empower equipment and your maintenance staff.

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