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Top 5 Benefits of IBM Maximo as a Service


July 22, 2020


Steve Richmond, CEO, Projetech

If you have a Netflix subscription or use Microsoft 365, you’re already familiar with the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS). With Netflix, you subscribe to the service, and all you need is a device to stream it on. Maximo as a Service (MaaS) is similar. Subscribe to Maximo as a Service and pay as you go. Just MaaS and chill.

IBM Maximo users can partner with a cloud provider to use MaaS for their enterprise asset management. Remember that offering MaaS is different from hosting Maximo. MaaS covers more delivery areas than hosting.  

Adopting MaaS has many benefits for companies, such as enhanced management, support, security, and performance.  

Here’s an overview of the top 5 advantages of using Maximo as a Service.

1) Ease of management

When Maximo customers work with a cloud provider, they shoulder less of a burden than with an on-premises implementation. Managing the Maximo platform involves routine tasks that take members of the in-house IT team away from more meaningful work.  

With MaaS, the cloud provider handles management, freeing the company’s IT staff to work on strategic business initiatives. The MaaS provider has a deep bench of Maximo experts who focus on managing the EAM platform.

2) Optimal security

The ideal MaaS provider will offer top-level security for Maximo. A provider that is ISO 27001 certified undergoes yearly audits to ensure the proper security policies and procedures are in place for asset management.  

ISO 27001 certification validates a MaaS provider. An ISO 27001 certified MaaS provider also assumes accountability for Maximo security and compliance.  

The MaaS provider should offer a secure data center environment, as well as encryption and other security tools. These security tools may include firewall, security information and event management (SIEM), and multifactor authentication.  

3) Continuous upgrades and patches

The MaaS provider will ensure that your Maximo software is up to date and free of bugs. This eliminates risk by removing vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.  

While patches and bug fixes are necessary, updates may also include enhancements and smaller releases that aren’t part of a version update. These smaller releases give your Maximo additional functionality.

Ideally, the MaaS provider will give you a choice about when these upgrades take place. Your company should be able to schedule these changes at an optimal time so they don’t interfere with production.

Some MaaS providers will deliver these updates and patches as part of professional services. The ideal MaaS provider will include these services as part of your annual fee rather than charging you extra.  

4) Greater availability

A MaaS provider’s service level agreement (SLA) will guarantee a high level of availability for IBM Maximo. The MaaS provider should offer 24/7 monitoring to catch any performance problems. Performance monitoring allows for notifications to be sent if the system is experiencing bottlenecks or downtime.  

Maximo performance issues can be prioritized. For example, if the system goes down, that should be treated as a priority so the process of solving the problem can be escalated.

5) Gaining support without losing control

IT administrators at companies with on-premises Maximo may worry about losing their jobs if Maximo moves to the cloud. Never fear. MaaS allows them to work on exciting and creative projects instead of performing menial tasks.  

The MaaS provider is flexible when it comes to licensing too, you can bring your own licenses (BYOL) or utilize the licenses from the MaaS provider. As the SaaS license owner, however, the provider takes on the risk of any audit. The customer doesn’t need to worry about undergoing audits or being fined for noncompliance.

MaaS supports data center, network and storage, servers, virtualization, operating systems, databases, and applications. However, the customer maintains control over the data. Asset data belongs to the customer and is managed by it.

Finding the Right Partner for Maximo as a Service

The MaaS market can be difficult to navigate. While most MaaS providers offer these benefits, they don’t all deliver them at the same level.

We offer flexibility and agility to our customers. Each customer is given dedicated Maximo instances utilizing the same Maximo software that a customer would utilize on-premises (not utilizing Maximo Multitenant). This allows seamless on boarding, better support with third party solutions, and makes it easier for a customer to take ownership should they choose to leave MaaS. Additionally, this approach gives clients options for when to schedule upgrades. Upgrades and fixes are included as part of the annual subscription fee, and our SLA guarantees 99.99% availability.  

Companies that are considering moving Maximo to the cloud may be concerned that migration will take a long time. Projetech has moved hundreds of systems to MaaS since 1999 and have developed tools to make migration as easy as possible. Projetech can be agile and quick unlike some Maximo cloud providers. Existing Maximo customers benefit from our “Lift and Shift” Bundle for MaaS migration.

Projetech excels at MaaS. Maximo is all we do.

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