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Projetech's Co-Op Program


August 26, 2021


Bethany Burks, HR Generalist, Projetech

Projetech’s Co-Op Program is one of the most important talent pipelines for our business. The Co-Op Program gives students who are interested in the field of software development, technology, security/infrastructure, and operations real-world experience working on our dynamic teams, and it offers a great introduction to what we do and how we do it.

The University of Cincinnati first invented cooperative education programs back in 1906, and our own program grows out of the educational model they started. It was also the first university we collaborated with, and now we have expanded to work with other institutions across the Cincinnati area and beyond to meet students who have a real passion for learning. 

One in four of our current staff members actually started out as Co-Ops from local universities and colleges, and it’s been a key pipeline to full-time employment. Through job fairs at the University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University, Xavier University, Miami University (OH), Mount St. Joe University, Thomas More College, and Cincinnati State, we’ve found so many dedicated Projetechers who came straight out of the program.

The Co-Op program not only benefits the students by offering them the chance to learn, collaborate, and expand their skill set, but it also benefits us as a company because we get to see results from top talent early on in their careers. Co-ops also gain real-world experience and build personal relationships through dedicated coaching and other resources alongside our full-time employees. Competitive pay based on degrees earned, experience, and tenure as a Co-Op is also provided, and our Co-Ops are eligible for a wide variety of perks and benefits like paid holidays, employee discounts, and access to onsite fitness equipment. 

This spring, we will be kicking off a new co-op position that provides exposure to all areas of Projetech. The program will be a limited offering to Freshman and Sophomore IT/IS students to help them determine areas of interest or specialty. Co-ops will rotate through the following departments in a small tech company: Operations, HR, Accounting, Salesforce, Marketing, Project Management & Development, Application Support, Infrastructure, Security, and Software Development. The focus of this program is to expose students to popular software, work experience, and mini projects or real challenges. 

We want to continue growing the program in the future, and it offers so much for students in terms of leadership development, network building, and exposure to working with some of the best in the industry.

If you are interested in learning more about our co-op opportunities, please visit our careers page.

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