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IBM Maximo Executive Chat | George Lowry & Steve Richmond


April 16, 2021


Steve Richmond, Founder/CEO, Projetech Inc

@Steve Richmond from Projetech Inc. and @George Lowry from Cohesive Solutions chat about different topics on Maximo, maintenance, and reliability.

Topics Include:

  1. How have projects remained successful through the pandemic? Watch
  2. How has the pandemic shifted the emphasis of maintenance and reliability to the industries we serve? Watch
  3. How are your teams preparing for Maximo Application Suite (MAS) 8.0? Watch
  4. How has the pandemic changed the image of Cloud Computing? Watch
  5. How has the pandemic changed the consensus around Maximo as a Service? Watch
  6. Cohesive emphasizes process and support, it isn't always about technology right? Watch
  7. Where do you see Electronic Work Packages going in the future and will true smart procedures ever take over in the Nuclear industry with this limitation? Watch
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