GOMaximo 2024: Increased Attendance, the Shift to MAS, and an Inspection Focus

Erin Pierce, Marketing Specialist
May 7, 2024

GOMaximo was held in Houston, Texas, from April 2nd through 4th. Focused on HSE and regulated industries (like oil and gas), GOMaximo provided a forum for users to exchange information, methods, and training regarding Maximo and the upcoming transition to the IBM Maximo Application Suite 8 / 9 (aka MAS).

Many presentations focused on simplifying users' transition to MAS in the coming months. They gave users a platform to discuss concerns and learn about things they could do to prepare for an MAS upgrade, as well as how HSE compliance factors into the gas and oil industries.

Maximo Discovery

MAS  Changes and What to Expect

Projetech’s Bryce Plitt (Business Development Manager) and Phil Runion (Technical Account Manager) investigated the upgrade/migration from Maximo 7.6 to MAS 8 in depth.

The notable differences with MAS 8 may include:

    - Single suite of applications
    - Licensing for AppPoints
    - Websphere to RedHat OpenShift
    - On-premise vs. IaaS/Paas vs. Saas
    - Customizations and Configurations
    - Authentication
    - Integrations
    - Third-party connections

MAS changes at a glance

While covering everything from deployment options and the transition to a Kubernetes container platform to custom configuration deployments and authentications, Plitt and Runion highlighted the high level of interest in how AppPoints are used with the MAS 8upgrade.

AppPoints are credits or units of value for MAS that can be licensed. Each application in MAS 8andthe number of concurrent users will require a specific number of AppPoints and can be shared across all workspaces. Application users, installs, and authorized application users and administrators all operate under licensed AppPoints.

AppPoints structuring

IBM End of Support and How to Prepare for MAS 8

The end of support for Maximo will be here before you know it, but your organization might not know the exact timeline or means of support for your assets and data moving forward. Cohesive’s Trisch Gosch touched on timelines for EOS and extended support for Maximo v7.6.1.3, while Projetech’s Chris Winston provided steps to start your upgrade now while still in 7.6.

The most notable discussion was how to prepare for MAS while still usingv7.6. Several points in v7.6 are transferrable to using MAS, and your company will be better prepared for a smoother upgrade process.

EOS for Maximo is coming in September 2025 with Extended Support ending in September 2026 and Sustained Support in September 2030. So what does this mean for your company’s EAM, and what will the upgrade process look like?

Maximo to MAS timeline

There are several things your company can do to simplify the upgrade process while still on v7.6:

    - Authentication: Switch to SAML; choose mobile and add-ons that support it
    - Upgrade to same BIRT version as MAS and the most updated version to get you ready for MAS; also required for Extended Support
    - Integrity Checker: Allows you to address potential errors before upgrading
    - Use APIKeys now in integrations without having to wait for MAS
    - Implement automation scripts that are available for v7.6

Additional considerations between v7.6 and MAS:

    - S3is the default for MAS
    - Assess all third-party products
    - Document and confirm what is in your current Maximo install

Oil and Gas Asset Management with MAS

IBM Maximo Oil and Gas with MAS Manage gives you a single platform for managing assets like rigs, wells, pipelines, plants, and more. Here, you can also maintain HSE compliance.

Michael Guns Jr., Senior Maximo and EAM Consultant for JFC & Associates presented at GOMaximo, providing a platform for more asset management awareness and supportive business processes to facilitate compliance with HSE regulations.

Maximo and HSE

Using the Maximo Application Suite, you can keep digital records of training, work/training reports, and more, providing coherence with HSE regulations and sustainability in your industry.

Each organizational regulation is divided into article titles, subsections, and descriptions. You can load these into Maximo HSE Applications.

HSE regulatory compliance configuration

Uses for Maximo HSE Applications Include:

- Safety and OSHA Regulations such as:
    - Routes for Fire protection life safety assets
    - Mapping testing sample locations
    - Lockout tag procedures for locking energy sources
    - Identification of training spaces

- Facilities
    - Virtual visual walkdowns
    - Asset data collection
    - Inventory item location
    - Energy utilization monitoring
    - GHG Emission data collection

Regulatory compliance is crucial, especially in the gas and oil industries. Maximo for Oil and Gas will help you manage your efforts to comply with HSE regulations by keeping your licenses, asset requirements, inspections, and more all in one place. This also assists in mitigating risks, as all assets and equipment, work orders, and other records are readily available, helping to manage the safety of personnel and the workplace.


GOMaximo saw a 25% increase in attendance in 2024, and plans to expand the event in 2025 are underway. Stay tuned!

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Erin Pierce, Marketing Specialist
May 7, 2024

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