Diving into the World of Maximo Solutions: A Recap of Our Inaugural User Group

Joe Kelley, Projetech
November 28, 2023

Embarking on a journey of innovation and collaboration, our first-ever Maximo Solutions User Group emerged as a natural evolution from last year's successful virtual mobility event. This gathering, brought to life by Projetech in partnership with the Maximo Online Resources & Education (MORE) Community, aimed to transcend the boundaries of mobile solutions and delve into the vast universe of Maximo's capabilities. At its core, MORE's mission is to foster a vibrant hub for Maximo enthusiasts to exchange ideas, resolve queries, and pool resources, reinforcing the community's spirit.

Projetech's vision was to create a dynamic stage for our partners to unveil their cutting-edge Maximo solutions, and the MSUG event did just that. As we reflect about this great event, the numbers speak volumes: over 550 registrants spanning 350+ organizations from every corner of the world, including Australia, South Korea, South Africa, and the entirety of North America. The diversity was not just geographic; the range of Maximo solutions being explored by attendees was equally broad, encompassing mobility, cloud integration, IoT, AI, Scheduling, Automation scripts, COGNOS, upgrades, and various Maximo Application Suite apps.

The event was rich with educational and enlightening presentations covering every imaginable aspect of Maximo solutions. Below, we've meticulously organized these insights for your convenience, enabling you to navigate through them effortlessly:

  1. Mobility
    1. Fingertip Mobility for Maximo | Lee Daley & Lucas Heron, Peacock Engineering
    2. Opqo, our mobile solution for Maximo | Jason VanHuizen & James Ferns, Sharptree LLC
    3. Creating a Modern Airport Experience at the Brand-New Newark Liberty Terminal A | Ken Anderson, Munich Airport NJ LLC & Zach Rose, InterPro Solutions
    4. From Theory to Practice: Applying FMEA for Reliability Centered Maintenance with EAM360's RCM Add on for IBM Maximo | Prashant Sharma, EAM360
    5. Hardware Integrations for MxMobile | Alex Walter, A3J Group
    6. Smart Facility Operations - ReThinking Infrastructure | Steve Bisch & Marco Viola, EDI/Arora
  2. Maximo Application Suite (MAS)
    1. Automation Scripts in MAS | Steven Shull, IBM
    2. Moving to MAS - Impact of the New Infrastructure Model | Troy Elsen, Projetech
    3. Demystifying Maximo Application Points | Trish Gosch, Cohesive
  3. Other Products/Services
    1. Cloud: Maximo Managed Services with MaaS: Unlocking Efficiency and Agility | Rich Minnigh, ITS
    2. Accelerator: MaximoNOW: Simplified Success in Enterprise Asset Management | Ken Thomson & Darren Kwasnycia, Aquitas Solutions
    3. Automated Performance Testing: Sacramento Area Sewer District: How performance testing was leveraged to ensure Maximo upgrade success | Jaysun Howell, Maven & Alex Delic, MaxTAF
    4. BIM / Facilities Maintenance: Maximo and 3D Building Information Modelling | David Lestani, COSOL
    5. Extending Maximo: IBM Maximo Refrigerant Tracking | Walter Betsill, GenesisSolutions/ABS Group
    6. Verticals and Add-ons: Transportation: Integrating Evolving Asset Management Technology Into Transportation Organizations | Stefan Oberthuer, ZPRO Solutions
    7. Verticals and Add-ons: HS&E: Maximo Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)- How to Add New Layers of Control | Kyle Harding, Starboard Consulting
    8. Training & Education: Using Visualization Models to Streamline Maximo Training and Maintenance Process | Michael Nutt & Mike Guns Jr., JFC & Associates

Step Into the MORE Community: Your Maximo Adventure Continues!

The insights and revelations from our sessions are just the beginning. Click on any of the links above and immerse yourself in the ongoing dialogue within the MORE Community, where our presenters are keenly waiting to dive into your questions and perspectives. If you're not yet a part of this dynamic community, don't miss out – sign up here and join a world brimming with daily Maximo-centric discussions, a lineup of upcoming events, and a treasure trove of Maximo resources.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our presenters and sponsors for their invaluable contributions. The countdown for our next gathering has already begun! Get ready for another round of enriching experiences at the 2024 event, tentatively scheduled for November 12-13. Mark these dates on your calendar and prepare to be part of another milestone in the Maximo world. Stay curious, stay connected, and keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible with Maximo!

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Joe Kelley, Projetech
November 28, 2023

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