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Our Process in Six Steps
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Avoid Disruption with Maximo as a Service

Projetech will support your current Maximo systems and provide the migration to MAS based on your timeline and your requirements. Here is how migrating your current systems into the Projetech cloud and then to Maximo Application Suite (MAS) would look like.

Lift & Shift to Maximo as a Service

We'll lift & shift your current Maximo systems into our cloud as a Maximo as a Service subscription.

Licensing Options

You decide whether you want to subscribe with AppPoints or with traditional user-based models. Either can be provided by us or bring your own.

Result & Benefit

Your Maximo will look the same as it does now, just in the cloud. However, now we'll manage all the infrastructure and security you need to run Maximo.

The Migration to Maximo Application Suite

Projetech will not force you to migrate to MAS. Extended support is available past the Maximo 7.6.1.x end of support dates.

When your team is ready, we'll migrate you to MAS Manage and will take care of all the backend technical changes so you can focus on the new MAS capabilities. This is all included with your Maximo as a Service (MaaS) subscription.

Migration to Maximo Application Suite

We'll migrate your Maximo to the most current version of Maximo Application Suite. This includes all backend changes that are required for the upgrade.

Licensing Options

If you already transitioned to AppPoints then they will be carried over. If you were using traditional user-based licenses then they will be converted to AppPoints.


The Maximo Application Suite Manage module running on the new required infrastructure. Other MAS modules are available to be added.

Our Team is Ready to Talk about Maximo and Cloud!

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Director of Business Development
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Business Development Manager
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Business Development Representative
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Business Development Representative

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