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About Intermountain Power Service Corporation

The Intermountain Power Service Corporation, or IPSC, provides electrical power for residents of California and Utah using two 950-megawatt steam electric generating units hosted at their 4,640-acre generating station. They consistently rank among the best of America’s coal-based power plants in reliability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility.

A crucial part of maintaining their reputation for quality and reliability is their use of Maximo to help them manage their assets. With help from a premier Projetech Business Partner, IPSC has now been successfully using Maximo for about six years.

Licensing Mismatch Sparks Hunt For New Solution

Following an internal security audit, IPSC realized that there was a significant mismatch between their Maximo license count and what they were using. Two key changes led to this mismatch:

IPSC knew they needed to make a change to how they managed their licensing to ensure they remained within compliance. They reached out to Projetech, who were able to provide queries that enabled them to create accurate real-time reports into how changes in permissions would affect their licensing needs.

Even after scaling back permissions and changing some users to a different license type, IPSC realized they needed to purchase more licenses. They had two options: either they could go the traditional route by purchasing additional standard license entitlements (as they had before), or they could go with Projetech’s Maximo Plus+ offering, which was relatively new at the time.

Standard Licensing vs. Maximo Plus+

Choosing the standard licensing route would require a large capital outlay for the new license entitlements, followed by annual renewals to maintain them. Not only was this expensive, but the static nature of these licenses did not suit IPSC.

With one eye on the future, IPSC knew they needed something with more flexibility. This was especially important because a future switch from coal-burning to a natural gas plant would lead to a significant reduction of their workforce, from 350 employees to around 120-130. With the inflexible standard licensing route, IPSC were concerned their shrinking workforce would leave them with expensive licenses they didn’t need.

Projetech’s partner suggested that Projetech’s Maximo Plus+ might solve this problem because it offered a subscription-based licensing system. This means IPSC only needs to pay for the licenses that they use. This delivered many immediate benefits:

The choice was easy: IPSC chose Projetech’s Maximo Plus+ solution for all their licensing needs. Projetech holds the licenses and IPSC now only needs to subscribe to use the entitlements they need. It’s simpler and cheaper.

More Than Just Licensing

In addition to the benefits to licensing, Maximo Plus+ includes a variety of services beneficial to IPSC:

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