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Validated Maximo In the Cloud
Participate in the webinar Validated Maximo In the Cloud and gain valuable insights into MaaS from Walter Betsill, Senior Manager of Business and Technical Services at GenesisSolutions, and Julie Rampello, Vice President of Business Development at Projetech.

Both presenters are experts in enterprise asset management (EAM) and represent companies with 20 years of experience implementing Maximo solutions.

This one-hour webinar will explain:
The value drivers for Maximo in the cloud
How SaaS offers more than hosting
The truth behind myths about EAM in the cloud
Why you should partner with Projetech for Maximo as a service
Gain access to this informative webinar from Projetech.rvice.
Don’t miss out on a chance to watch this enlightening webinar and learn why hosting Maximo in the cloud is the right decision for your company.