Projetech + Our Solution Provider = Your Success

Understand the benefits working with Projetech and one of our world class Maximo solution providers

Does this sounds like you?

Your organization pre-dates cloud-computing making migration nearly 'impossible'

How do you migrate to the cloud when the solution wasn't built for the cloud in the first place? The same way you install air conditioning in a building that was built in the 1800s, you don't. You hire experts to do the job.

Software solutions are a key component to all enterprise organizations around the world. These solutions serve every piece of the business from finance to marketing to maintenance, they are integrated with one another and they have many customizations.

A project such as this would drain your internal resources and would cause much disruption within your business. Leave it to the experts to get it done quickly and efficiently.

We're your experts for Maximo in the Cloud

More and more you see IT departments outsourcing these typs of projects simply because vendors are increasingly better prepared to handle this type of project.

Maximo Cloud solutions were created for maintenance organizations like you. Between Projetech and our solution providers, we are guarenteed to deliver an incredible Maximo experience.

Exclusive Benefits for You

Time to Value

With Maximo SaaS solutions, you don’t need to worry about implementing the infrastructure, making it secure, or that it’s up to date. That’s our job and we’ve built automation tools to complete the process in a matter of hours. No more worrying about updates, attacks or patching, leave that to us so you can focus on the success of your business. We’re ready to deploy your Maximo in the cloud, are you?

Performance & Security

If your IT department has overloaded servers and are hesitant to invest in new machines, the cloud solution is perfect. In addition to lightning fast performance, you have redundancy, high availability and all the security of ISO 27001:2013.

World Class Maximo Support

The Maximo Solution Provider Network is critical for two reasons: it ensures the end user is receiving the best support for their Maximo, and because it’s delivered by our partner that specializes in your industry. With migration to the cloud, all problems with hardware, Maximo and configuration of servers are taken care of. Less downtime means greater success for your business.

New Commercial Solutions

Many partners have created Maximo solutions with cloud infrastructure that has delivered even greater success for joint clients. After all, bundling solutions is less expensive than not.

Discover What Maximo as a Service Can Do

Find out how Projetech's Maximo as a Service can help your company get the most return on your Maximo investment.